Who Is Sierra Dawn Thomas? Survivor's Fan Favorites Are Engaged

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Who Is Sierra Dawn Thomas? Survivor's Fan Favorites Are Engaged Instagram

Who is Sierra Dawn Thomas?

Dawn Thomas, age 32 is an American TV Personality born December 18, 1986, in Roy, Utah. According to her biography on CBS News, in her high school and college days she competed in barrel races where was named National Champion Barrel Racer All Around Cowgirl in High School Rodeo and National Champion in College Rodeo Rankings.

"I'm not afraid to get dirty, spend a weekend without running water or electricity. I'm hearty and I'm determined to do what it takes to win each rodeo," she said. In terms of education, she received a degree in criminal justice. 


Standing at 6'1, Dawn described herself as being competitive, athletic and outgoing, which is why it makes sense that she enjoys participating in various activities such as basketball, football, fishing and long distance running. 

In 2008 she appeared in the movie Wieners which is a “road trip comedy about three friends who travel across the country in a Wiener Wagon to beat up a popular daytime talk show therapist.”

She has been a guest on the show The Price is Right and has competed on the shows Survivor and Fear Factor. 

So who is Sierra Dawn Thomas? Here’s everything you need to know about Sierra Dawn Thomas and her recent engagement.


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Sierra Dawn and Joe Anglim are engaged!

1. She is a model

Dawn Thomas is a fashion model who represents top brands for runway, print, and promotions. According to a resume, she has appeared in the print in Rene Magazine, Rockwell Watches, Boheme Boutique, Rodeo Fame Magazine, Cowgirl Tuff Co. and Ariat. For promotions she represented Umbrella Girls USA, Budweiser, Billboard, Hennessy, and Showtime Fights. 


Her Instagram page is filled with stunning photos where she promotes brands such as diffeyeyewear and poses for photographers such as Sloan Olivia and Lizzy Oakley




A post shared by Sierra Dawn Thomas (@sierra_dawn_) on Apr 9, 2018 at 10:50am PDT

One of Sierra's many photoshoots with photographer Sloan Olivia. 

2. She competed on the show Survivor

Dawn Thomas first appeared on season 30 of CBS's reality series Survivor: Worlds Apart. The show "places a group of strangers in an isolated location, where they must provide food, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination." In the end, there can only be one sole survivor and that person is rewarded $1,000,000.


On season 30, she was one of 18 contestants who was split into three tribes. She was a part of tribe Escameca (Blue Collar). 

When asked why she chose to compete on the show, Dawn Thomas said in her bio on CBS News. "I truly believe there is little I cannot do. My physical, mental and emotional capabilities are of a man's level."

She went on to say that she wasn't afraid of challenges. "I'm not afraid to set impossible goals and strive to achieve them. I'm extremely athletic and push my body to its utmost limit," she said. 

Dawn Thomas quickly became a fan favorite on the show. She came back to compete in season 34 of the show Survivor: Game Changers. 


Dawn Thomas talks about the struggle of being a contestant on the show Survivor. 

3. She met Joe Anglim on the show

Joe Anglim, age 29, was also a contestant on season 30 of Survivor in 2014. He was a part of tribe Nagarote (No Collar). Anglim chose to compete on the show because he wanted to “win and have Jeff say the magic words of ‘Sole Survivor.’ Also, to prove that anything is possible and to never quit or give up on a dream, Anglim said.

According to US Magazine, Dawn Thomas was responsible for voting Anglim off the show that season. He too was a fan favorite. Anglim never held a grudge against Dawn Thomas for her decision. The two started dating in 2017 after they developed a friendship from attending Survivor related gatherings. 


Anglim told The Salt Lake Tribune that he never expected to find his match on a show. 

“Neither of us was looking to have a relationship or find love on an island,” he said. “You always say, ‘Oh, what if?’ But in reality, you know that’s not going to happen. And you shouldn’t couple up because it’s bad for your games.” 

“But, again, all this happened after the fact,” Anglim continued. “We realized we had way more in common than we’d really gotten to know out there on the show.”

Since then, Anglim who is currently competing on season 38 of Survivor: Edge of Extinction told CBS that Dawn Thomas is his inspiration in life. 


“I’ve never been more inspired by such a hard-working, beautiful and caring woman. She inspires me to be the best version of myself every single day," he said. 

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Anglim posts photo of him and Dawn Thomas in bed with a sweet poem for his caption. 


4. He recently proposed to her 

Anglim and Dawn Thomas announced their engagement on Instagram Tuesday, April 9.

Anglim posted a photo of himself down on one knee kissing Dawn Thomas' hand with a ring on her finger. His caption read "Yes #forever @sierra_dawn_".

Dawn Thomas also posted a photo. Anglim is seen holding her hand with the stunning engagement ring appearing on her yellow polished finger. Her caption read "Forever and ever, amen."

The proposal came as the pair were leaving Arizona after attending a wedding for Anglim's sister when they camped out for a night during their drive back to Utah. 



Forever and ever, amen. 

A post shared by Sierra Dawn Thomas (@sierra_dawn_) on Apr 9, 2019 at 7:41am PDT

Dawn Thomas sharing the special moment when Anglim proposed to her.


5. She had no idea the proposal was coming 

Anglim and Dawn Thomas decided to take a walk as the sun was setting, and happened to find the perfect setting for Anglim's proposal. Dawn Thomas had no idea it was coming and therefore was treating the occasion like she would in any other circumstance. 

"I was unknowingly interrupting him," Dawn Thomas said. "He was explaining his love for me, and I would say, 'yeah, baby. I love you too!' "

Eventually, Anglim found the perfect moment to get down on his knee to ask her to marry him. 


"It finally hit me what he was doing," she said. "I started crying, and he started crying! We were both crying."



Yes #forever. @sierra_dawn_ 

A post shared by Joe Anglim (@janglim21) on Apr 9, 2019 at 7:44am PDT

She said yes. 

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