Who Is Bonnie Haim? Murdered Woman Finally Gets Justice

Bonnie Haim vanished in 1993. In 2014, her son found her skull in the backyard of their home.

Who Is Bonnie Haim? Murdered Woman Finally Gets Justice crimeonline.com

When Aaron Fraser was 4 years old, his mother vanished He told police at the time that “Daddy hurt her.” But police never found enough evidence to accuse his father of harming his mother and the case remained unsolved.

Aaron was adopted by another couple after his mother’s disappearance and grew up with them. He eventually got married as well. Then, in 2005, he and his mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his biological father. He won the suit, which included winnings eh deed to his childhood home - the home form which his mother had disappeared.


In 2014, Aaron started to renovate the outhouse and yard, he discovered human remains buried in the backyard. The gruesome discovery turned out to be his mother’s skull, buried for over 25 years.

Aaron’s father is now standing trial for the murder of his wife in 1993.

What happened to Bonnie Haim? Read on for all the details.

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1. Disappearance

Aaron was 4 years old when his mother Bonnie vanished from their home in Jacksonville, FL. In the days after she vanished, an employee at a hotel near the airport found her purse in a dumpster out back. The purse still contained her ID and credit cards, and a significant amount of cash. Police then found her car parked at the airport, but the seat was adjusted for a much taller person and there was a footprint that police said belonged to her husband on the fdrivers side floorboard. Michael Haim claimed that Bonnie had run off after the two argued and he didn’t know where she was. Police considered him the primary suspect in Bonnie’s disappearance but they never had enough evidence to arrest him.


Evidence pointed to foul play.

2. Aaron

Aaron was a small child at the time and was able to tell police that “Daddy hurt her” when asked about what happened to his mother. But he wasn’t able to share enough details to prove what had happened. He was eventually removed from his father’s custody and placed with a couple who went on to adopt and raise him. He took their last name and eventually, his memory of his earliest years faded for him.


Aaron said "Daddy hurt her" when police asked about his mother.

3. Lawsuit

In 2005, Aaron and his adoptive mother Jeanie filed a wrongful death suit against his father. The won a multi-million dollar a judgment form the court, which included the deed to the home where Aaron grew up. The house had been a rental for many years but Aaron had decided to renovate it to sell. He and his brother-in-law started renovating the home in 2014, which is when he finally got answers about what had happened to his biological mother.


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Family members suspected Michael.

4. Grim discovery

Aaron was using a backhoe to demolish the backyard swimming pool and surrounding pavement. In the process, he ruptured a water pipe and had to get down on the ground to deal with the problem. There, in the dirt, he saw what he first thought was a coconut in a pastie bag in the dirt. He quickly realized that is was a human skull.

He told a local news station “At that point in time, you could actually see, like, the top of the eye socket. And it was like this part of the head, the top-half of the head. I set it back in the hole. I had it in my hand. We looked back in the hole and seen teeth.” He called the authorities and they came and took eh skull for identification. It was Bonnie’s. Nearby, they found .22 caliber casings. Michael Haim had owned a .22  Marlin Model 60 at the time of her disappearance.


Aaron found his mother's remains.

5. Escape

It turns out that Bonnie had been planning to leave Michael, who was abusive to her and take Aaron with her. She had saved up over $1,000 and had placed deposits on two different apartments.

She was even looking for a new preschool for Aaron. She had told a trusted friend about her plans and began secreting cash with that person after Michael found out about a secret bank account she had opened. She never got the chance to escape.

Michael was allegedly abusing Bonnie.


6. Trial

Michael Haim was located in North Carolina and arrested in 2015. This month, he will go to trial for his wife’s murder. It will mark the first time in 26 years that Aaron has seen his father. He will testify about finding his mother’s skull and solving the mystery of what happened to her all those years ago.



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Michael Haim is on trial for the death of his wife.

The trial is expected to continue for several days.

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