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Who Is Davina Potratz? Everything To Know About Real Estate Agent On 'Selling Sunset' On Netflix

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Who Is Davina Potratz? New Details About The Real Estate Agent On 'Selling Sunset' On Netflix

When it first premeired last year, Netflix's newest reality show Selling Sunset became an instant binge-worthy hit. Set in L.A., the eight-episode reality show followa a group of six female real estate agents, all working for The Oppenheim Group selling high-end properties.

However, the ladies' personal drama is what really seems to make the show so juicy. And with the second season now streaming, there are eight all-new episodes to start binge-watching.

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Out of all the ladies, you might recognize Davina Potratz the most, as this isn't her first stint on reality TV.

Who is Davina Potratz on Selling Sunset

She's a former model.


A post shared by Davina Potratz (@davinapotratz) on May 15, 2020 at 10:50pm PDT

Before Potratz was selling million dollar listings for The Oppenheim Group, she worked as a model for Ford — which is no surprise, considering how pretty the German Native-American is.

After leaving the modeling industry, she worked her way up the corporate real estate ladder. She's now a member of Top Agent Network. For those of us who aren't real estate savvy, means she's in the top 10 percent of agents in the market. 

In addition to that high ranking, she was also recently named Oppenheim's director of new development. Triple-threat much?

She's been on reality TV before.

Though this is the first time Potratz has appeared as a regular on a reality TV show, this isn't her first time on television. Her mega-mansion real estate transactions were previously shown on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing.

If that hasn't clued you in already, Potratz's real estate listings tend to be in the pricier range, which makes sense, seeing as how she holds the title for second-highest amount of reviews — AKA, 12 — on Zillow in the Oppenheim company. And they are all five-stars.

Here's one: "I met Davina at an open house. Her calm and professional energy immediately made me feel at ease, never pushed. I decided to work with her on my property search and was very impressed. She continuously showed me great homes, promptly responded in detail to my questions, was patient and enjoyable to work with.

When I finally found my ideal home she provided valuable market data that made a meaningful difference to me (a neighboring property was issued a demo permit so she warned me about on going construction). Davina is very knowledgeable and I truly felt that she was looking out for my best interest. She lead strategic negotiations (timing is everything) that got me a great value on my dream home. I couldn't be happier and recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their property."

Just in case you were questioning if she was really good at her job.

She was born in Germany.

According to an interview, Potratz was born and raised in Germany. She attended the International School in Hamburg, where she learned to speak English.

Growing up, she and her parents traveled to places throughout Europe, North and South America. With her mother being half-Native American, they visited their family in the United States quite often. 

"After high school, I decided to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu where I studied Advertising. In many of my graphic design classes I would create real estate magazine covers but to get the images, I would drive around Malibu and door knock asking homeowners if I could photograph their property," she revealed.

"To my fortune, many delighted at the idea so I got great images to work with on my assignments. Seeing these incredible homes lead to a passion and fascination with real estate. I would always get curious and excited about a new house. After college and several years of successful fashion modeling with Ford Models, I decided to settle down and again became interested in houses."

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She's been an agent since 2006. 

Potratz got her real estate license in January 2006 and has been in the business ever since. 

"After my first year with a boutique brokerage, a close friend was looking at buying a condo in Marina del Rey. He was also an agent and told me how this property was new construction and the agents worked for a developer. One thing lead to another and somehow, he and I landed on the sales team at Azzura in Marina del Rey. I loved the experience and met so many incredible people every day," Potratz revealed.

She later joined the Ritz-Carlton Residences at LA Live team for AEG and stayed there for four years, making some impressive sales in the process: "In the middle of a crumbling economy, in December 2008, made a record sale for residential condo sold in downtown LA for $9M. I am very proud of that accomplishment."

She established her own group in 2015. 


A post shared by Davina Potratz (@davinapotratz) on Mar 5, 2020 at 2:04pm PST

Before coming on to Selling Sunset, Potratz established her own company, The Davina Group, in 2015. She liked to focus all of her attention on one project at a time and enjoyed working with buyers, sellers, and developers.

"For my individual, private clients, I focus on their unique needs and am able to offer pocket listings and extensive research to make the best decision through my network of contacts. I am an expert in offering solutions and finding the exact match to what a client is looking for. I take great pride in servicing my clients," she said.

She'll have some big clients in the new season.

With the second season now streaming, fans can catch up with Potratz and her career. On the new season, we'll definitely be able to see her realtor skills in action.

Potratz gets the chance to sell a property worth $75 million in the new season. Her prospective client for the home, Adnan Sen, is a luxury home developer with his own company that sells million dollar listings. 

Potratz explains on the show that she already knows Sen and has sold him properties before. But to see how Potratz's big deal works out, you'll have to start watching the new season.

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