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Who Is Devoin Austin? 5 Details About Briana DeJesus' Ex

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Who Is Devoin Austin? 5 Details About Briana DeJesus' Ex

With five young mothers and their lives on display for the world, Teen Mom 2 is never lacking in drama. The show has proven as much well into its ninth season.

Not everything happens on the show, however. The moms take to their social media accounts—most popularly Instagram and Twitter, the millennial platforms of choice—to comment on the show and their lives in the moment.

The last weekend of March, the Teen Mom 2 cast taped a reunion. Briana DeJesus, 24, took to Twitter to express her thoughts about the taping, without spoilers, of course.

“My reunion segment was ok,” she tweeted. “There was a lot of mixed emotions going on with stuff that’s currently going on in my life that probably won’t make it into this season and that’s all that we talked about so ill love to see how this will play out. Smh.”

“But overall— it was kinda a stress free weekend,” she added shortly thereafter.

Then the mother of two dropped some truths … and made some digs.

“I’m at a point where I just wanna drop both my kids off at their dads for the rest of the week but I know I’ll feel so f--king sh--y for doing it and I wish that wasn’t the case. (Not bc I don’t wanna be around them, but to teach these men what parenting is really like).”

One of the dads that went unnamed in the tweet is Devoin Austin, 26. She and DeJesus have had their ups and downs—mostly downs.

Who is Devoin Austin? Below are five details about the young father.

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1. He was on 16 and Pregnant.


7 years In the book for this intelligent young lady ♥️

A post shared by Huncho (@devoinaustin) on Sep 9, 2018 at 7:12pm PDT

Devoin Austin II is the father of Nova Star DeJesus, Briana’s first child. She was born on September 10, 2011.

2. He took an ambulance to the hospital in 2018.


Headed to San Juan to pick up a bag and they treat me like one of the Jacksons. 

A post shared by Huncho (@devoinaustin) on Sep 22, 2018 at 6:39am PDT

In September 2018, Austin posted on his Instagram story about his trip to the emergency room. Fans speculated about the severity of his issue on Reddit as the story unfolded.

“It could be something minor but because he doesn’t have a car or a drivers license, he needed an ambulance,” someone wrote.

The drama began when he posted about his night ride to the ER. “Just took an ambulance to the hospital,” he wrote on his story. “You guys pray for me please.”

Then he added, “Times like THIS…being single sucks.”

Austin ended his story confirming he was a-okay. “Thanks for all the love everyone. I’m holding on OK,” he posted against a black screen.

He later explained on Twitter why he went to the hospital in the first place.

“Really felt like I was having a stroke. At the age of 26,” he tweeted.

3. He is not on his daughter’s birth certificate.


A post shared by Huncho (@devoinaustin) on Dec 25, 2017 at 4:10pm PST

As 16 and Pregnant fans know, Austin was not very present throughout her pregnancy with Nova. His lack of support continued after her birth.

Dejesus said in 2017, after it was revealed that she was joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 for its eighth season, that her relationship with Austin is nearly nonexistent.

“It’s there,” she candidly said of her relationship with Devon. “He’s not the best father he should be to Nova.

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4. DeJesus has had relationship troubles with other men.

Her second child, Stella Star DeJesus, was a surprise with a surprise man. She was “the last thing that I expected to happen,” DeJesus said in Teen Mom 2. DeJesus even considered putting Stella up for adoption, but the father shut that option down, claiming he would be there for their child.

Luis Hernandez, 33, is the father of DeJesus’s second daughter, who was born on July 2, 2017. Like Austin, Hernandez has hardly been present in his child’s life. DeJesus tweeted that her second baby daddy “...moved back to Orlando. He hardly ever checks up on [Stella] and I pay for her daycare now. He stopped making payments months ago.”

DeJesus also dated Javi Marroquin from Oct. 2017 to Jan. 2018. Marroquin is Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband and the father of her child Lincoln.

5. She’s been in a relationship with her current man for about a year.


My sweet love  can’t wait to marry him and have all his babies 

A post shared by Bri Baby (@_brianadejesus) on Apr 7, 2019 at 9:15am PDT

The couple is private on social media, but they’ve been together for 11 months.

DeJesus’s boyfriend is named John Rodriguez, and the couple couldn’t be happier.

Briana told E! News about their upcoming anniversary, as well as their mixed family dynamic.

"We're about to hit a year in May so we're planning a first anniversary trip," she said. "Everything has been good. He's great. He's super attentive to the girls. He loves the girls, the girls enjoy him and everything's been good."

That said, DeJesus wants to keep things the way they are.

"I like him because he doesn't rush this relationship. We both have been taking it slow," she explained. "We're not looking into having any kids right now. We're not looking into moving in together. We're not looking into getting married. We're just enjoying each other and taking things how it is."

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