Reba McEntire And Boyfriend Skeeter Lasuzzo Break Up After Two Years

It's over.

Who Is Skeeter Lasuzzo? New Details About Reba McEntire's New Boyfriend Instagram

Reba McEntire is back on the market. 

After her divorce from a 26-year marriage in 2015, the country legend found love again. His name is Anthony "Skeeter" Lasuzzo and he's a retired oil geologist and for two years he made her very, very happy.

“We’re totally in love — absolutely,” she told PEOPLE. “I wouldn’t put up with somebody for two years if I wasn’t in love with ’em!”


McEntire, 64, and Lasuzzo, 70 met back in August 2017 while she was vacationing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Kix Brooks, who is a part of the country duo Brooks & Dunn. Being an accomplished wildlife photographer, Lasuzzo took McEntire and her party to the best locations for animal sightings.

“We just had the best time,” McEntire said. “And so two nights later, we all went out to dinner, and he bought my dinner.”

Two months later, she returned to Wyoming and he asked her out.

"I was there almost a week and we spent every day together,” she said. 

How cute! So who is Skeeter Lasuzzo? And why did they break up?


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1. He has two homes.

Lasuzzo has a home in Jackson Hole and another in Pottsboro, Texas, which only has a population of around 2,000 people. Quite different from McEntire's place in Nashville.

But they get the best of both worlds by spending time at both places.


“We do a lot of walking,” she said. “He lives right there on the lake [Texoma], got a beautiful home. And then when we go to Jackson Hole, we snowshoe and walk and get into nature.”

And it's close to her family! His Texas home is only a 90-minute drive to where her family lives in Oklahoma.

“[We] go up and see my momma,” she said. “Yeah, it’s my backyard.”




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2. He has a lot of hobbies.

Not surprising due to his love of photography, Lasuzzo loves to travel — and so does McEntire. The couple frequently takes trips together. So far, they've been to South Africa, Italy and Iceland. She said he wants to see the Northern Lights soon, even though she's not totally convinced.


“I don’t care to go back when it’s so cold,” she said.

He also is big into mediation, according to McEntire.

“Skeeter’s a meditator,” she said. “He can meditate, and my meditating is my prayers, but my prayers are quick and often.”




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3. He was married once before.

Lasuzzo was previously married to Marolyn Tyler Lasuzzo. She died in 2013 at the age of 65 after a seven-year battle with breast cancer. They have four children together — daughters Holli, Tyler and Kristi and son Blake — and five grandchildren.


McEntire was also married. For 26 years, she was married to Narvel Blackstock before he reportedly blindsided her with a divorce and quickly moved on to another woman. “The divorce was not my idea. I didn’t want it in any shape, form or fashion,” she said. “So, it was really hard to make the adjustment when someone’s not happy. I just want everybody to be happy in their lives, because our lives are too short to be miserable.”

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4. He has no problem with her celebrity status.

McEntire and Lasuzzo made their debut as a couple on the red carpet when she received the Kennedy Center Honor in Washington in 2018. “We like to color coordinate a little bit,” McEntire said, “to where we don’t clash.”


She says he's adjusted well to her stardom and can take it in stride — though he's still had to adjust to being with someone who has such a recognizable face. “How do you explain my life?” she said, recalling their first few times in public. “How do you explain that some people will run over him to say hi to me?"




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5. And he knows how to be a professional.

Even though it might have come as a shock at first, McEntire says Lasuzzo has handled her fame and celebrity status with professionalism. He worked in the oil and gas industries since 1974, before retiring several years ago. “He was in oil and gas and he gave speeches and talks and dealt with the public, and so he understands a lot more than someone else might not be able to,” McEntire said. “It came natural for him.”




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6. Their breakup

Recently, Reba has been promoting her new movie Spies in Disguise. In an interview with Us Weekly, McEntire was asked about her holiday plans. She confirmed that she will not be spending them with Lasuzzo. "Skeeter and I broke up in May, so, unfortunately, we will not be spending that time together. We still talk and we’re friends, but just decided to go our separate ways," she said.

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