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What Is The Goodbye Kyle Challenge?

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what is the godbye kyle challenge

It was the bungled cute dog adoption heard around the internet. This season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump has found herself on the outs when she was finally caught out and more importantly called out for her string pulling from behind the camera. The show thus far has been leading up to a dramatic clash between Lisa and Kyle Richards herself. Who knew adopting a dog could end a friendship?

The most recent episode of the show saw the words we've heard bellowed from Lisa's husband Ken Todd in almost every RHOBH promo to date: "GOODBYE KYLE!" Now that we finally have a context, Kyle Richards is on social media telling us all about the Goodbye Kyle challenge. Here's what it is and how you can do it yourself! 

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1. Ken Todd's Infamous Words 


Tonight on @bravotv

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They were the booming words heard across the country! Well, at least everywhere that Bravo TV happened to be on and tuned into the Real Housewives. Who knew that the undoing of Lisa Vanderpump would take the form of he-said-she-said involving a bratty little rescue dog who just loves to bite? But that's exactly, my dear, dear friends, what has happened on this season of RHOBH

Here's the saga abbreviated for you and the rest of tl;dr lovin' set: Lisa Vanderpump was best friends with Kyle Richards. But this season Lisa was caught out for doing what she always does, getting the other ladies to stir the pot for her so that she can keep her hands clean. This time, however, none of them were buying it, not even Kyle. When she confronted Lisa about her machinations Lisa's hubby Ken Todd banished her from Villa Rosa roaring "GOODBYE, KYLE" in a clip that Bravo has been playing on a loop, and frankly, good for them. Because it's hilarious. 

2. Kyle Making Light Of It 

While the fight took place months ago, the episode in question didn't air until just last week, which means that all of the key players have been totally quiet about when it comes to social media. But that has allllll changed. Kyle Richards herself was the first one to get in on the fun, demanding that a cocktail should be renamed the "Goodbye Kyle" and even letting her driver for the night getting in on the fun when he bid her adieu. 

It's actually a really refreshing reaction, especially coming from Kyle. She spent most of last season choking back tears over the way her supposed best friend was completing ignoring her and letting her new friend and housewife Dorit Medley, get away with behavior that would've cause Lisa to give Kyle the cold shoulder for easily a week! Good to see her realize that she's better off without La Pump,  much though it pains me to say it. 

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3. The RHOBH Cast Joining In 


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As if to show their support, several other members of the RHOBH club have gotten in on the action, taking up what Kyle has deemed the "Goodbye Kyle" challenge. Erika Jayne made sure she appeared on Instagram with her glam squad wishing Kyle "buh bye", and Lisa Rinna got in on the joke by sending "Goodbye Kyles" from her husband, the actor Harry Hamlin, and her mother, surprise star hit of last season, Lois. 

Teddi Mellencamp also contributed, by filming her kiddos shouting "Goodnight, Mom!" in the same tone that Todd used on Richards. Notably missing from the melee (at least so far) is Dorit Medley who at one point was in the middle of all of this mess, to begin with. Her silence speaks volumes: Her husband and Todd have been best friends for decades and even if she's hurting she's going to want to do what's fair by her man. 

4. The Fans React 


Pretty Mess Krewe with the #goodbyekyle challenge. 

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While many longtime fans of the show, I gotta admit it, yours truly included, are delighted at the way the ladies are striking back after years of Lisa's tyranny, some of the fans watching at home or following along on social media aren't as impressed. Some call out Kyle for having started the "challenge" to begin with, saying that her behavior is a little bit mean. 

To which I say: what absolute and utter trash. Kyle has done nothing other than stand by Lisa for years and years as Liza is cavalier with her affections, manipulative, and at times, downright terrible to a woman who is supposed to be her partner in crime. Lisa, just admit you've done wrong and I guarantee you these women will welcome you back. At the very least it would make for great TV! 

5. Lisa Vanderpump Is Done 

Sad to say, that for Lisa the damage may already be done, done, and triple done. She has posted on her Bravo TV blog that her relationship with Kyle is "finished." That said, while some wounds do cut deeply, friends have bounced back from far worse than something as silly and as ultimately frivolous as this. I threw my college roommate's baked potato into oncoming traffic once in an O'Charley's parking lot. 15 years later? Still best friends. Shit happens! 

It must, however, be acknowledged that Lisa endured a great loss when her brother took his own life. Losing a family member, let alone your sole sibling must be a truly crushing thing, and I heartily offer her my condolences. That being said, your grief being what it is, the world does not stop for it, nor should you use it as a shield from which to hide from for your own misdeeds. It had to be said! 

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