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Who Is Mike Hill?

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Who Is Mike Hill?

When Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey tied the knot with Peter Thomas she thought she was in it for the long haul. But as fans of the show know, it just didn't work out. In fact, over the span of several seasons, we watched as Cynthia did everything she could make her marriage work, but cheating and shady business dealings all added up to Cynthia to doing what she must: ending her marriage with Peter and starting anew. 

That means we were treated to the full experience of Cynthia Bailey single and dating and boy was it...something! Thankfully, she now seems to have found her match in sportscaster Mike Hill. In fact, the duo is getting so close there may soon be wedding bells! But how much do we really know about this guy? Who IS Mike Hill? We're what we know about Mike and Cynthia and their plans for the future. 

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1. Ready For The Next Step


Hi Baby @itsmikehill #CHill

A post shared by Cynthia Bailey (@cynthiabailey10) on Apr 3, 2019 at 8:10am PDT

For years, fans of RHOA have watched Cynthia Bailey successes and failures in love. For some reason there's something deeply empathetic about watching the gorgeous Cynthia, a former model, struggle finding right just the way your average girl would. When she married her now ex-husband Peter Thomas, it seemed like she had finally found happiness. Then...they split and she was back to square one.  

But now it seems after dating a string of duds that Cynthia might have found the real deal in the form of one Mr. Mike Hill! Heck, she's already hashtagging them #Chill, that's how you know it's serious. But who is this guy? Cynthing, 52, spoke to Us Weekly and dropped an utter bombshell: her boyfriend the 48-year-old Fox sportscaster tells her they are going to be tying the knot “definitely … by next year.”

2. Who Is Asking Who?

While Cynthia is excited about her future with Mike, don't get things twisted. She still expects to be treated like a queen, and she isn't expecting anything less than the best when it comes to how she expects her handsome new beau to propose. That's right, women of the world, Cynthia is holding out for HIM to do this asking.

She said as much, too! “One thing I’m not going to do is, I won’t be proposing to Mike,” she said. “He actually has to propose to me. ‘Yes’ is my answer, but he has to do it on his own time.” Thankfully, she made sure to say this while sitting next to him and on camera. You know, just in case he forgets or something. 

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3. Changing Her Mind About Marriage


Grateful, humbled & always thankful @itsmikehill #lovewins #CHill @mikehillandcynthiabailey

A post shared by Cynthia Bailey (@cynthiabailey10) on Mar 17, 2019 at 6:14pm PDT

Cynthia has certainly don't an about-face when it comes to love, romance and, in particular, marriage. When she split with her husband Peter Thomas Cynthia was exceptionally vocal about her belief that marriage wasn't right for her and that she would never even dream of giving marriage a shot. But now that's changed, which begs the question...why. Cynthia was happy to explain what caused the shift. 

“I love this question and I kind of get it a lot. After my divorce, I was like, ‘I don’t know if I’d ever get married again.’ Well, I kind of said, ‘I wouldn’t get married again,’ to be honest. I’d just given up on the whole marriage thing,” she said. “Now, my answer has changed … If you ask me will I marry Mike Hill? The answer’s ‘yes’ because Mike is a whole person, I’m a whole person, when we come together we’re just great. It’s just easy, and it’s comfortable.”

4. True Love 

Cynthia seems to have fallen for Mike hard and fast, and she hasn't been afraid to share it with friends “Yes and yes. Absolutely,” she said when a fan of the show called in to Watch What Happens Live and asked her if she was in love with her new boyfriend and planning to move to L.A. for him. 

Even during that appearance, Cynthia revealed just how serious the relationship was getting. She said that she and Mike, who is successful in his own right, apparently "talk about marriage all the time". If this is anything like Porsha Williams and The Hot Dog King of Atlanta then we might actually see this courtship turn into a wedding.

5. Do We Smell A Spin-Off? 

If Cynthia and Mike do become engaged, the next logical question to any Bravo fan is this: will they be making a spinoff or special about the planning of the wedding and the duo tying the knot itself? There's a precedent for it that spans the franchises, with Atlanta, in particular, being a show that loves it some spin-offs. 

That said, if Cynthia is serious about moving to Los Angeles to be with Mike, it sounds like it might be something that takes place pretty darn quickly! If that's the case, and given that she's had a fairytale wedding before, it's more likely the case that there won't be enough time involved to capture her ceremony for the small screen. 

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