Nene Leakes Weight Loss Photos And New Details About How She Lost It

What a transformation!

Nene Leakes weight loss photos instagram

Anyone who watches Bravo knows that Nene Leakes is not a force to be reckoned with. She’s given her other cast mates on Real Housewives of Atlanta a run for their money, and has shown time and time again that you don’t want to get on her bad side.

Part of being a housewife means you’re expected to be slim and fi with the help of personal trainers, a solid meal plan, and probably some plastic surgery when things aren’t moving fast enough. But she has done just that the healthy way, as these Nene Leakes weight loss photos will prove.


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In a photo she posted to Instagram on August 5th, we can see just how much she’s toned her body. And she couldn’t look better!


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Though she’s technically in lingerie, just look at how flat her stomach is and how firm those thighs look! That’s certainly not an easy feat to achieve, especially since she’s been caring for her husband, Gregg Leakes, after his cancer diagnosis.


Since his diagnosis, Leakes has changed her diet to better accommodate her husband’s recovery. And it seems that things have paid off for her as well.


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In an Instagram post from June 30th, Leakes said that her husband changed his diet to vegan but even though she didn’t go as extreme, she still cuts back on the food that isn’t good for her. She and Gregg are sticking to alkaline foods — fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts — as they neutralize acidity in the bloodstream and create balance in the body.

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She wrote, “Cancer patients rely on support a great deal! With that said, Gregg has switched his diet to Vegan and I’m supporting his efforts so I’ve given up all meat and consider myself a Pescatarian. It wasn’t even hard for me! I just said, I’M DONE but I need a little seafood in my life.”

But that doesn’t mean she’s on a diet, per se. She’s even called out people who count their calories and encouraged them to live a little by indulging every now and then.

She and Gregg even have plans to start a website geared toward a healthy dietary lifestyle. “We are working really hard on getting our website up because you guys have asked so many great questions and you’ve helped us as well with all of your knowledge! With this site, we can help each other with motivation, herbs, recipes, diets, exercise etc. coming soon my friends,” she wrote.


Most of us know that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to combine exercise and diet, and not restrict ourselves from the foods we like. We could all learn something from Leakes in this respect.


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