Who Is Vanessa Cobbs? Reality Star Says Yes To Becoming A Sister Wife

She said yes!

Vanessa Cobbs Gains A Husband And A Sister Wife Instagram. 

Who is she?

Vanessa Cobbs was born in New Jersey but moved to Washington at the age of two. Her family wanted a new start, so they settled in a small country county. Growing up she and her family experienced racism, which is why she was inspired to be a voice for the voiceless. She realized that her experiences helped her develop a sense of compassion and empathy for others who were underprivileged. 


Upon graduating high school, Cobbs decided to obtain an associate of technical arts degree in dental assisting. She then proceeded to work as a dental assistant for 10 years. 

She was then encouraged to look into social work by a friend. Feeling inspired, Cobbs started working for a nonprofit called Solid Ground. The nonprofit seeks to "end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty in our community." She then worked her way up from being an office assistant to being a tenant rights counselor. 

In 2017 the organization named her the Solid Ground's Social Justice Award Winner. Cobbs is said to be working to start her own nonprofit called Soapy Wheels. When you think Cobbs, it's hard not to think upward movement.


So who is Vanessa Cobbs? Here's everything you need to know about Vanessa Cobbs and the next big step in her life. 

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Cast breaks down the show Seeking Sister Wife.

1. She is a star on a reality show

Cobb's can be spotted every Sunday at 10/9 C on TLC's reality show "Seeking Sister Wife". Now on its second season, the show which is filmed in Georgia follows "four plural families in various phases of seeking, dating or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives." The Snowden family is one of the four families. Husband Dimitri Snowden told his wife when they first started dating that he wanted more than one wife. Ashley Snowden said this was something she could agree with and so the two have been actively searching for the perfect woman to bring into their lives. 


The pair currently has three children, but Dimitri wants more. According to Ashley, she doesn't want to have any more kids, so a sister wife would be perfect for saving the day by wanting to expand the family. 

After their second attempt at finding a sister wife, Cobb is the perfect math they have been waiting for. 

2. Has been courted by Dimitri Snowden

Dimitri Snowden has been courting Cobbs for six months. During these six months, it was questioned if Cobbs was the right fit for the family. According to SoapDirt, things were going well but Ashley placed a few dating rules on her husband. The rules came after Dimitri cheated on Ashley with one of the prospective sister wives on season 1 of the show. Ashley made it clear that Dimitri and Cobbs had a curfew. The two needed to be finished with the date before midnight to avoid any sexual temptation. 

The two eventually became intimate with one another and that is when Dimitri decided he wanted to take the next step and propose. 

One of Dimitri's date nights with Vanessa Cobbs.


3. Dimitri's wife helped him plan Cobb's proposal

The March 31 airing of the show revealed all the details that led to the engagement of Dimitri and Cobbs.

After receiving the blessing from Cobbs' mother, Dimitri's wife Ashley helped him plan the perfect beach proposal for Cobbs.

The family went out to enjoy a day a normal day at the beach which quickly turned into a special moment for Cobbs. According to In Touch Weekly, Dimitri, Ashley and Cobbs were enjoying each other's company when Dimitri's friend C-Tru started performing a song he had written for Cobbs. 

When the song was over Dimitri got on one knee to propose.

“My sweet love. I don’t have a lot of words to wrap around what I’m feeling which is why I have these guys to help me. But you’re a wonderful sister wife to Ashley, you’re a wonderful mommy to the children and obviously perfect for me. I’m happy that you’re a part of my life and I wanted to make you understand how much I love you. So with that, will you marry me,” he asked.  


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Dimitri and his first wife Ashley Snowden. 


4. Said yes to a proposal

Cobbs said yes to the proposal which made the Snowden family very happy. Dimitri posted a photo on Instagram of himself down on one knee in front of Cobbs with the caption "she said yes!!!!!!" One of his many hashtags included #polygamy. 

Cobbs too made an Instagram post with the same picture as Dimitri to announce her engagement. Her caption read " This was a perfect day. I loved my song."



This was a perfect day . I love my song @icanctru and @dimitrisnowden! 

A post shared by Vanessa Cobbs (@vanessacobbs) on Apr 1, 2019 at 12:30am PDT 

Vanessa Cobbs shares her feelings about her proposal on social media.


5. She is gaining more than just a husband

Cobb will be Dimitri's second wife. She is gaining an entire family. She is officially a sister wife. According to Cheat Sheet, it appears that not everyone is comfortable with the couple's arrangement. They specifically referred to first wife Ashley who at first seemed to have some reservations about Cobb joining the family and Dimitri's awkward interaction with Cobbs' mother in the latest episode. But the deal has been sealed and Cobb will officially become a member of the Snowden family. 



there is nothing like family time! . thesnowdenfamily #familytime #familygoals #familyfirst

A post shared by snowden family (@thesnowdenfamily) on Oct 22, 2018 at 2:19pm PDT

Cobbs will be the new addition to the Snowden family of five. 


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