Who Is Yasmin Adelina? New Details About The 17-Year-Old Model Who Accused Tristan Thompson Of Sliding Into Her DMs

Oh, Tristan.

Who Is Yasmin Adelina? New Details About The 17-Year-Old Model Who Accused Tristan Thompson Of Sliding Into Her DMs Instagram

Tristan Thompson cannot seem to keep it in his pants. Khloe, girl, you are better off without him. Not only did he cheat on Khloe in the weeks before she gave birth to their child Khloe, he also got with her sister's BFF Jordyn Woods. Now, the serial philanderer is accused of sliding into the DMs of a British social media influencer and blogger who is a mere 17 years old. Oh, and he was DMing this girl, Yasmin Adelina, while all the drama was going down with Khloe and Jordyn Woods. Like I said, Khloe, girl, just keep on walking away from this trainwreck. But who is Yasmin Adelina?


1. She just turned 17

Yasmin Adelina is a 17-year-old British blogger who discovered that 28-year-old father of two Tristan Thompson slid into her DMs via a purple heart emoji. Yasmin just turned 17 in December. She shared a screenshot of Thompson attempting to seduce her. It didn't work. Instead, she took a screenshot of the DM and shared it. She titled the video “loooooool." It showed a message request from Thompson. A commenter asked her if she replied to Thompson. She said: "No I didn't. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted it. Could post other ppl if I wanted, but I don't usually do that lol. That one just shows how trash men are."



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2. She is an influencer

Yasmin Adlelina is an Instagram influencer with 107,000 followers. One of her followers suggsted that she share Tristan Thompson's DM to the Instagram blog The Shade Room. Yasmin rejected the idea and said that she is not a "clout chaser."



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3. She looks like a Kardashian

Whether it is intentional or not, it should be noted that Yasmin Adelina looks like she could be Kourtney, Kim and Khloe's sister or cousin. She is very much the same dark haired, voluptuous type that the Kardashian sisters are. 



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4. She isn't the only one

Ever since the news broke in February that Tristan Thompson was cheating on his baby mama Khloe Kardashian with her sister Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods, he has appeared completely unremorseful for his actions. He was spotted out on a date with yet another woman just days after the Jordyn Woods scandal started hitting the headlines. He was seen at Carbone in New York City with the woman. Later he posted (and then deleted) a photo of his date's hand next to his dinner plate to his Instagram stories. 



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5. Did Thompson know how old she is?

It is unclear whether or not Thompson knew that Yasmin Adelina is just 17. Jordyn Woods, whom he was involved with recently is 21. 



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