Is Robyn Brown Pregnant?

The Brown family is about to get a whole lot bigger!

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When we were first introduced to the Brown family on the TLC smash hit Sister Wives, their daily way of life seemed so much like our own but so much different too! Sure, they had to pack lunches every day, and go to work, and make sure that things were straight around the house. But then they also had to share their husband with multiple women. Yeah, that's a tough pill to swallow, and I am a person who is all about polyamory! 


The show opened featuring Robyn Brown, the newest wife, giving birth to her first child within the Brown family. Robyn's eagerness to be pregnant and to bring children into the family was touching, and she's such a great mom that people all over the place keep waiting for her to announce her next pregnancy. So what's the haps, is Robyn Brown pregnant for real? We break it all down here for you.

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1. Her Best Friend Says No

There are very few people who know you as well as your best friend knows you. If that's true, then all this talk about another pregnancy for Robyn Brown could all be stuff and nonsense. I say that because In Touch Weekly did the dirty work and decided rather than reaching out to Robyn, they'd figure things out once and for all by going to her best friend for answers. 


The mag got a hold of Kendra Pollard-Parra, Brown's best friend and was eager to share the whole truth about all of these pregnancy rumors.

“No, Robyn is not having another baby. She had a really hard pregnancy the last time around and she gained a ton of weight. She already has breathing issues so she has a really hard time losing weight."


Love will save the day. #Godisgood #loveoneanother

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2. She Has Five Children Already 

Before joining Kody and the rest of the Brown family when she entered into plural marriage, Robyn already had three children with a partner who was no longer in the picture. In fact, Kody Brown, her husband, would later go out of his way to make adoption possible for her three children. In addition to these three, she's also got two more kids who she had with Cody. That's five, and unless you got them Duggar birthing hips, chances are your body is done with the whole pregnancy thing, so I buy her wanting to shut down the ute-chute for business. 


Be all this as it may, fans aren't biting. They point to her modest clothes and speculate, is she or isn't it?

One Twitter user asked, “Is Robyn pregnant again in the confessionals? ‘Modest’ clothing drapes in a way that I can’t tell,” one fan wrote, and another commented, “Is Robyn pregnant again? I thought I [saw] a belly when she was sitting at the table.”

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3. Where The Confusion Comes From

So. if Robyn really is that done with having kids, where is all this hype over her being potentially pregnant coming from? Luckily In Touch also thought to touch base with Robyn's bestie Kendra on this issue as well and what she had to say casts a serious light on where on these rumors may be coming from. 


“Unfortunately, the fans keep speculating that she’s pregnant because they see a lot of old clips of her but she’s actually worked really hard on her figure and her diet,” Kendra explained. “If she were to get pregnant, it wouldn’t be planned. She’s literally not planning any more kids.”


#sisterwives on tonight!

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4. Kody Says No 

So Robyn doesn't want more kids, or at least, more kids with her and Kody aren't planned. This had me thinking that Kody would be furious or it would cause some sort of issue in their marriage, but once again Kody seems to be a little bit better than most other guys when it comes to understanding the needs of the women in his life. 

“At this point, we feel like we’re done, but we’re open to God’s inspiration,” said she back in January with Kody by her side all of the while. “When we grow our family, it’s sort of by inspiration. If we were blessed with more children, of course, I’d be totally open to that.”


Kody agreed with every single word! 

5. If Robyn's Done, Will There Be A New Wife? 

All of this leads the way of thinking to be that Robyn definitely isn't planning on having any more kids. While Kody is being accepting about this decision, at the very least he's being accepting of it in the public eye, behind the scenes it's pretty hard to forget that a huge part of plural marriage spiritually is having as many children as is healthy and wise so that your afterlife will be filled with a kingdom of your own making.

Kody takes his religious responsibility to the family very seriously. But does he take it so seriously that Robyn refusing kids at this point could send him looking for another wife to join the Brown family? At this point in time it seems a little far-fetched, but then again, so does plural marriage until you get used to it. 


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