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Is Meri Brown Leaving Sister Wives?

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Is Meri Brown Leaving Sister Wives?

In mid-January, Meri Brown celebrated her 48th birthday with her husband Kody Brown. The two appeared to spend her special day alone at a restaurant in Flagstaff. She took to Instagram to pay tribute to the “hidden gem” they found, though she admitted, “I mean, maybe it was hidden, maybe we’re just new to town lol!”

Not only Meri and Kody are new to the town, but also the rest of Kody’s wives, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. The Browns resettled in Arizona in September 2018. The family opened up about leaving glitzy Las Vegas for the desert city with People in August.

“It’s green, there are four seasons,” Christine said.

“It’s a little bit smaller, quite a bit smaller than Las Vegas,” Robyn said. When asked why the family was leaving Vegas, she said, “We’re moving because we want kind of a slower lifestyle. We want some water.”

As to whether the “slower” lifestyle will come to pass has yet to be seen. Based on the latest season of Sister Wives, it seems the Brown family drama is relentless. Marriages are not easy, but to have multiple women in a polygamous marriage along with the added element of eight years of television cameras makes it even more intense. For Meri Brown, marriage has been a roller coaster. She faces enough struggles in the present, and her past continues to haunt her.

The major question fans have been asking since the show aired is whether Meri will stay on the show or not. There are reasons for her to stay, of course—but also plenty of reasons for her to go. So is Meri Brown leaving Sister Wives? Here's what we know.

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1. She doesn’t have fun with the other wives anymore.

Kody has noticed a shift in the dynamic between his wives. He said that Meri and Christine used to have a “fun” relationship. Meri and Christine noted during the episode that motherhood has much to do with it.

Meri said she and Christine were much closer when their children were growing up. Now, however, they’ve drifted.

“We don’t need each other to baby sit,” she said. “We used to have so much fun together.” Then the claws came out: “I know how to laugh and have fun. I do that with my friends!”

Christine cited a relationship change when she “just became a mom” after having her daughter Truely. Otherwise, Meri does not seem to have much of a relationship with any of the other wives.


#Sisterwives on tonight! Will you be watching!?

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2. In fact, they don’t talk.

Christine revealed that none of the wives really communicate with one another.

“It’s not like I talk to Robyn and Janelle,” she said. “I’m not that close with them either.”

She added some insight into Meri’s situation through how she feels about her own through her confessional.

“You’re trying to be best friends with a woman who has a relationship with your husband. When I’m having a bad day with Kody, the last thing I want is to see him having a good relationship with someone else.”

3. Her relationship with Kody is also struggling.

She said in the episode, “it’s hard to be here and work on these relationships in the family. I’m looking in from the outside. I don’t feel like I have a husband and wife relationship.”

She was Kody’s first wife — though he also divorced her in order to wed Robyn, which led to the catfishing scandal that still affects Meri four years later. Kody and Meri revealed in an April 2018 special that they were having marital problems: Kody admitted they were no longer intimate.

Meri, however, wanted to push for more. “I want more of a relationship with him than we’re having right now.”

They recognized that the relationship will take work, but they were on their way to “actually healing.”

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4. She posted a Valentine’s Day photo on Instagram — but not for her husband.

Despite the “healing” direction they seemed to be headed in based on recent social media, such as Meri’s birthday, her Valentine’s Day post was not dedicated to her partner of over 25 years.

According to In Touch, Meri’s Valentine this year was her dog, Mosby. She did not outright relate the post to Valentine’s Day, but it was posted on the holiday, and it was filled with a whole lot of love for Mosby. The dog lives in Chicago with Meri’s daughter, Mariah. Most commenters agreed with Meri about their love for their pets, rather than call her out for leaving out her husband on the day of love.

One user said, “Their love is unconditional for sure.”

5. She purchased another property on her own.

In a previous episode, Meri bought a house in Utah. She did it back when the Browns were still living in Nevada and sparked fear within the family that she would be leaving them. The property is a bed and breakfast — it was originally a house built by her great-great-grandparents.

When she brought up the idea, Kody and the other wives refused to invest. Meri decided to go in on her own and is reportedly doing very well with the business. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn was voted Utah’s Official Best Country Inn. If all goes wrong in Arizona, it seems Utah is the way for Meri to go.

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