Everything To Know About Elaine Welteroth, Journalist And New Co-Host Of 'The Talk'

She has an impressive work history.

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Former Project Runway judge Elaine Welteroth was recently named one of the new co-hosts of The Talk, along with Amanda Kloots.

Welteroth is no stranger to the spotlight, and is beyond excited for her new gig.

"I am beyond excited and grateful for the opportunity to join the phenomenal women of The Talk. They have each made me feel right at home alongside them on this incredible platform that cultivates connection, kindness and understanding when we all need it most," Welteroth said in a statement.


"I look forward to learning from them and lending my perspective to conversations that build bridges in this singular time in our world,” she added.

Who is Elaine Welteroth?

Read on for all of the details about the new co-host of The Talk, including her impressive work history.

She shook up Teen Vogue. 

Do you remember how all of a sudden some of the best political and social commentary was coming from Teen Vog​ue? 


That was all Elaine Welteroth's doing. She rebranded the iconic and long-running magazine and turned it into a cultural and political voice for teens and younger people.

In a 2017 interview, she said that the idea was that she wanted to bring young women into the social, political and cultural debates that are happening right now. 

“I would say that Teen Vogue has as much right to be at the table. Talking about politics as every young woman does in America right now,” she said at the time.

Elaine Welteroth is biracial, and grew up in Northern California.

Elaine Welteroth was born in Santa Clara, California. Her father is Caucasian and her mother is African-American.


After graduating high school in 2004, she headed to California State University Sacramento, where she majored in mass communicatons and media studies and minored in journalism. 

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Elaine Welteroth has been shattering glass ceilings her entire career.

At age 29, Welteroth was named editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, and became the second Black women in Conde Nast's history to hold the title, as well as the second youngest woman in the company's 107-year history to hold the EIC title.

Before bring promoted to EIC, Welteroth was the magazine's Beauty and Health Director.

She's a New York Times best-selling author.

Welteroth's memoir, More Than Enough: Claiming Space For Who You Are (No Matter What They Say) was released in 2019. 

She served as a judge on Project Runway.

When Project Runway announced Welteroth as a new judge in 2018 and began promoting the new season, she took to her Instagram to share her excitement.


She posted a promotional shot of the host and judges and captioned it:

"So, THIS is happening...!!! It still feels very surreal (hi mom ), but I can’t wait to join forces with people I respect in the industry to champion the next generation of emerging designers and to help produce a show that will hopefully give you LIFE every week come spring! @projectrunway means so much to so many people all over the world because at its heart it is a celebration of creativity and human ambition.

And during such difficult times in our culture, we all need more more joy in our lives, more stories that inspire us. I couldn’t be more excited to join this TV fam as we infuse even more heart and soul and DIVERSITY into the conversation next season! #ComingSoon."

She got married in May this year.

Elaine Welteroth married her longtime beau, musician Jonathan Singletary, in May of 2020 on a stoop in Brooklyn, New York.

She appeared on the cover of The Knot's Fall 2020 issue, and penned an emotion caption to go along with cover, which partly read:


"Our wedding became one of the brightest moments in a dark time that got even darker just 15 days after we jumped the broom from our Brooklyn stoop.

The killing of George Floyd re-opened a deep wound within our community, igniting an uprising that immediately called the purpose of our marriage into action.

It prompted us to reevaluate our priorities individually and as a couple. It instilled a commitment to live not just in service to each other but to our community and to the movement for justice. It gave us the fuel to fight together."

Elaine Welteroth will join the The Talk as one of the show's new co-hosts.

News about Welterworth's casting broke on Dec. 1, and fans everywhere are excited to see what she'll bring to the table.

"Congratulations @ElaineWelteroth and @TheTalkCBS awesome I love this show!!! You will do great on this show! Blessings to you!!!!" one fan on Twitter wrote, while another said, "Elaine Welteroth is officially joining The Talk as a co-host and honestly, that's the kind of joy I needed added into my daily life."


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