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Who Is Amiah Robertson? Missing Baby Feared Dead

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Who is Amiah Roberston?

The search for missing infant Amiah Robertson is now being investigated as a homicide, according to police.

The 8-month-old baby was reported missing by her mother Amber Robertson on March 16, saying at the time that she hadn't seen her daughter in two days. Later, police would discover that the timelines was actually longer and the baby hasn’t been seen alive and well since March 9. They no longer believe she is alive.

Amber Roberston is cooperating with authorities at this time and their main suspect was her boyfriend Robert Lyons, who was the last person to have had Amiah in his care.

Who is Amiah Robertson and what happened to her? Read on for more.

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1. Disappearance

According to police on the case, Robert Lyons was supposed to be taking care of baby Amiah. He was spotted in several locations in his car that day and finally returned home to Amber around 10 p.m.

Amiah was not with him at that time, which did not alarm the girls’ mother. He said she had asked him to drop the baby off with their regular babysitter, with the intent of picking her up the following day. She never made it to the babysitter’s house.


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2. Delayed reporting

Amber didn’t contact police about the baby being missing until March 16, originally saying that the last time she had seen the infant was on March 14. It was only later that police realized that the mother had her dates confused and the baby had been missing much longer than they originally believed.

These inconsistencies led to problems organizing a search effort.


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3. Robert Lyons

Police were immediately focused on Robert Lyons. Amber reported that when he arrived home on the night of March 9, he taunted her about the whereabouts of her baby. When police initially questioned hm about what happened, he offered multiple suggestions about where the infant might be. Police tried to search all of them but had no luck finding Amiah.

Some of the spots Lyons described didn’t even exist. Last week, Lyons was arrested and released on an unrelated charge but police now consider him a suspect in this possible homicide.

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4. Clues

Police have found items belonging to the baby near the banks of a local creek, though they have not released details about what they are. They also sent divers to search a pond in the area, based on a tip they received. Volunteer searchers have ben assisting police in trying to find the baby.

One volunteer said “I got a tip that the diving team was out here and any type of tip like that you have to jump right on it because you never know if it could be the real deal. I think that shows that everybody cares. I think there’s a lot of people saying that the law enforcement isn’t doing anything. They’re just waiting for the right tips. And they go out to the scene, they get people in the water and they clarify that this has been checked, that has been checked.”

Amber’s uncle, who was also present for the pond search say that he’s feeling “pretty good but I’m still hurt over my niece and I’m still wanting to know every time they come out and I’m always on scene trying to find out about some stuff. I’m gonna continue finding my baby niece.”

6. Harsh reality

At this point, police are holding out very little hope of finding Amiah alive.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Bruce Smith said, “I think that we all hope for the best, always, but I think that we can’t ignore the reality of the situation. Amiah cannot take care of herself and absent somebody else who is currently taking care of her that hasn’t come forward, we are very concerned about what happened to her.”

Amiah has blue eyes, brown hair, and weighs around 16 pounds. If you have any information about where she might be, you can call IMPD Missing Persons Office at 317-327-6160 or the Homicide Office at 317-327-3475. To remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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