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Who Is Ellie Monahan? New Details About Katie Couric's Daughter

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Who Is Ellie Monahan? New Details About Katie Couric's Daughter

Katie Couric recently shared her thoughts on her daughter's engagement and sweetly opened up about her how excited her late husband would have been. The former Today anchor announced her oldest daughter Ellie Monahan, 27, is engaged to boyfriend Mark Dobrosky on Instagram.

"OMG OMG OMG," Couric captioned a photo of the future husband and wife on Feb. 10. "Ellie and Mark are engaged!"

Couric revealed that her daughter's fiance popped the question using the engagement ring her late husband Jay Monahan gave her. Couric was married to Ellie's father for nine years before he died of colon cancer in 1998. She told Hollywood Life she believes it is "unfair" that Jay was unable to watch Ellie and her younger sister Caroline, 23, grow up and isn't here to "see the magnificent people they've become."

"I think he would be so proud of them," Couric continued, who has since remarried.

The excited soon-to-be mother-in-law said Jay would have loved to watch Ellie marry the man of her dreams, adding that she's excited for her own role in the ordeal.

“I’m going to be a monster-in-law!” she said. “We love him and most importantly, she loves him and he loves her. I’m so excited, and she’s so happy. She’s going to be a beautiful bride.”

So who is Ellie Monahan? Here is everything you need to know about Katie Couric's oldest daughter.

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1. She's very close to her mom.

Ellie and Couric have a super sweet mother-daughter relationship that stemmed from Ellie being raised by her mom from an early age. The two are very close and spend any time they can together. Last month, they attended a charity event with each other and enjoyed a girl's night out.

“It’s a great cause, great company to keep and a fun night in New York, so I brought my daughter and we’re having a mother-daughter night,” Couric said. “I wanted to do something fun and my husband had a work dinner and her boyfriend is doing something else, so it’s like Girls Gone Wild: Manhattan."


2. She went to Yale.

Ellie graduated from Yale University in 2013 with a degree in American Studies, according to her LinkedIn profile. While in college, she interned at HBO and the New York County District Attorney’s Office in Crime Strategies. She also was an intern at Glamour Magazine prior to attending Yale.


3. She wrote an emotional piece about losing her father for Huffington Post.

As a senior in college, Ellie wrote a column for Huffington Post that detailed what it was like to lose her father at a young age. She was 6 when he died. The story starts off talking about Father's Day and what she would say to her dad if she could speak to him. 

"I wish we could talk... about anything," she wrote, reminiscing on his love for history and career as a defense attorney.

Ellie went on to note her mother's strength as she dealt with the loss of a husband and struggled to raise two young daughters alone all while inspiring them to be the best they could.


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4. She has written for films.

Ellie is primarily known for her role as a writer's assistant for "Mr. Robot" (2017) but has also written for "The Boys" (2019), "Liked" (2017), "Grams" (2017). IMDb also credits her for directing the 2017 TV series "Liked."


5. She was in a "Got Milk?" commercial.

Ellie, along with her mother and sister, starred in a "Got Milk?" commercial in 2013, despite Couric's best effort to keep them from appearing on TV.

“They’re older,” she told USA Today. “I’m really proud of them. I think they’ve turned into exemplary young women. I thought it would be something fun.”

It was a sweet, bonding experience, although getting the milk mustache just right was "a whole procedure," Couric said.


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