5 Ways To Know Your "Hunch" Is Right

Signs your gut was right all along.

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Now, I don't know about you, but I've had some hunches over the years, and I didn't always greet them with open arms. Some I acted on, and some I didn't. Some were winners, some were so-so. and with some, I missed the boat. So what was the difference? How do you know when to move forward, or when to let it go?

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Here are 5 ways to know your "hunch" is right:

1. Slow it down

Take time to decide. Even if it's something you think you have to act quickly on, there's always time to put down the phone, stop the email, and think it through. Taking time to breathe will stop you from making an impulsive decision.


2. Get the facts

If you have some nagging questions, get them answered now. You don't want to end up saying, "If only I'd known," or "I had a feeling that might be an issue." Now is the time to pay attention to your intuition and get all your questions answered.


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3. Find someone to talk it over with

Two heads are always better than one. Find a person who can listen to you talk through your thought process. You don't need their answers or opinions, you just need someone who will ask good questions, and who will give you time and space to process your thoughts — not theirs.

4. Ask yourself why, really why

Get to the reason underneath the reason. Not just your initial reason like "it's a good deal," but the real reason, such as "I'm desperately in need of money" or even "my family will be impressed." Be sure there are good economic and non-economic justifications behind the impulse to act.


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5. Don't second-guess yourself

Once you've made your decision, move forward and don't look back. The biggest factor in any success is the passion and effort we put into it, coupled with the belief that we can do it.

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When everything inside of you says, "This is a winner," believe it. Second-guessing your hunch is second-guessing yourself. Instead of not trusting yourself. Take a few moments to tap into your hunch, learn all you can, logically look at the checks and balances, then trust yourself, trust your hunch, and prepare for a big win.

Just some quick and easy advice for when you are in the winner's circle.

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Jane Honeck coaches couples with money and other difficult life issues. She believes letting go of assumptions and approaching life with curiosity is the anecdote for falling prey to life's expectations.