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10 Best Post-Workout Snacks (That'll Keep You Fueled All Day)

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Best Post-Workout Snacks

If you are someone who loves being active, you need to consider what you eat. On a weekly basis, I'm dancing, weight-training, running and then some. This means I'm always looking for good things to eat before I get sweaty, as well as a post-workout snack.

Of course, my need for food is always a little different depending on whether I did 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training with a local trainer in town, took a run, or finished a dance class.

Sometimes I don’t even have much time afterwards to hang around for an after workout snack. Maybe I’ve got to rush to the next thing as a busy working parent. But when I don't eat as I should, I always regret it.

Eating right needs to be a part of your whole lifestyle, not just the afterthough. Because, truthfully, working out without eating right is just an exercise in futility.

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In order to get the scoop on the best post-workout snacks, I reached out to an expert in the fitness world, Robert DeVito, owner of Innovation Fitness and Life Performance Coach. I asked him to give me a list of his 10 favorite post-workout snacks.

DeVito says, “Post-workouts nutrition requires a balance of Protein and carbohydrates.” Yes, you read that right: carbohydrates! So, if you don’t find anything you love on this list, keep that rule in mind as you snack around after a workout.

1. Powerful Oatmeal

“For convenience or on the run choices, I am a huge fan of the POWERFUL brand of products. They have a POWERFUL Protein Oatmeal that has 20-22 grams of Protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates with lower sugar in multiple flavors. My favorite is the Peanut Butter Honey.”

And the peanut butter honey oatmeal option only has 240 calories!

(, $16.79/6-pack)

2. Powerful Yogurt

In addition to oatmeal, POWERFUL also has yogurt. It's Greek yogurt with reduced sugar, and similar to the oatmeal, has 20+ grams of protein and 25-30 grams of carbohydrates. This yogurt also has seven live active cultures to aid in digestion, and can be used as a base for smoothies.

(, varies by store)

3. Vegetable omelet

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When you have a little more time to whip something up, you may want to cook yourself a delicious omelet. Add some veggies and eggs or egg whites, and voila! Of course, if you're adding cheese you want to be a little careful not to overdo it.

4. 2% fat cottage cheese with fruit

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According to DeVito, you can choose your own brand of cottage cheese that appeals to you. However, make sure you're choosing a product that is 2% fat. Then, add fruit accordingly.

5. Grilled chicken and roasted vegetables

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This is another snack or meal you can cook for yourself. But if you're lazy or short on time, you can always buy a bag of steamed veggies and call it a night.

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6. Hummus

Though there are plenty of brands to choose from, you may want to try a more organic and natural one. Roots Hummus, for example, is only 60 calories per serving, and is made with natural ingredients like garbanzo beans, safflower oil, lemon juice, and wheat-free tamari.

You can also make your own hummus in many delicious flavors. Because there truly is a flavor for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters.

(Roots Hummus, varies by store)

7. Meal replacements

Though DeVito recommends eating real food over a meal replacement, sometimes you need to eat on the run. If that’s you, don’t feel bad.

According to him, “A meal replacement formula is always a good 'go to' post-workout meal. Meal replacement formulas contain protein and carbohydrates. This is slightly different than a protein shake, which just has protein. You certainly could use a protein powder, but will need to add a carbohydrate to it.”

A good option is Nu Life's Complete Nutrition Meal Replacement Formula, which has 20 grams of protein, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, five grams of fiber, and only 200 calories per serving. It provides essential and extra nutrients to make sure you're well-nourished after working out and while trying to lose weight.

(Vitamin Shoppe, $17.18)

8. Salmon and sweet potato

For the fish lovers, this is sure to please you. I personally don't like salmon or sweet potato, but what I do love is not cooking. And this one-pan dish should be easy enough for even the worst cooks. Try this One Pan Baked Salmon Asparagus Sweet Potato dish. It takes only 30 minutes to make, which we're sure is music to your ears.

9. Tuna

Make it easy and snackable by spreading some tuna on crackers, or try a tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread. This Healthy Mediterranean Tuna Salad recipe by Tori Avey takes a mediterranean twist. While still tasting yummy, it's healthier than your traditional side of tuna salad.

10. Oatmeal with whey protein, banana and almonds

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This is a great option, especially for after your morning workout when you need something that resembles “breakfast.” It's also nice and warm. And because oatmeal is such a hearty option to start your day, why not make your own? Check out these 30 oatmeal recipes to get you going.

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