What To Eat (According To YOUR Body Type) If You Want To Lose Weight

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To carb or not to carb, that is the question.

Human beings are all different. We are unique snow flakes

Unless we're talking about body type. 

When it comes to weight loss, we are all eager to jump on whatever trend workout or diet is sweeping the nation.

The truth is, snacking according to your body type is one of the best ways of getting the weight off and feeling healthy.

I mean, if that's your bag. I love you just the way you are. So does your mom. Plus I hear your hot neighbor is WAY into you. 

Scientists have separated all human beings into three groups (lol, science you jerk). If you eat according to your body type, the world apparently, will be your oyster. 

1. Endomorphs


The body type 

I fall into this category. But I mean, so does Kim Kardashian, so like, there's room for all of us.

Endormorphs have high body fat levels and a tendency to gain weight quickly. They tend to be shorter (VIVA LA ENDORMORPHS) and excel at weightlifting. I for one, love picking up and putting down a barbell, ask anyone at my BodyPump class.

What they should eat

Endmorphs should stick to fats and proteins and avoid carbs. Low cal snacks like fruits and veggies are your jam if you're looking to snack accordingly. Some berries and nuts are great for squirrels if you're working out and need an energy burst. I'm having pasta for dinner, so make of that what you will.

2. Ectomorphs 


The body type

Think Kate Moss era supermodel - long, lanky, and lean, lean, lean. 

Ectomorphs have a hard time building muscle due to their super speedy  metabolisms.

What they should eat

They should eat stuff that's super rich to help support muscle growth.

Nut butters, super complex carbs and all things rich in fat and protein are an Ectomorphs best friend and also I hate them. Ectomorphs walk around doing stuff like eating entire chocolate bars in one gooble because they "need to". I share their spirit, if not their body type. 

3. Mesomorphs


The body type

I'm an aspiring Mesomorph caught in a Endomorph's body. 

This body type is a medium frame with an athletic frame. Think Jennifer Aniston. God, she is wonderful. I could drink all the Smart Water in the world and never be so great. Okay, enough thinking about Jennifer Aniston. Back to science. 

Mesomorphs have a high metabolic rate and tend to low fat levels, but building muscle ain't no problem for these broads.

For them, protein is key to a healthy weight and muscle growth.

What they should eat

Think lots of tuna, hard boiled eggs, and whole wheat treats. 

Whatever your body type, most scientists agree that a balanced diet is the key to healthy lifestyle

So don't worry if you're "not allowed" to eat carbs. Go ahead and eat them. Just make sure you're eating lots of leafy greens and protein, too!

You are more than your body type. 

Now go forth and nosh!