Who Is Stella Bulochnikov? New Details About Why Mariah Carey Is Suing Her Ex-Manager

Their feud is back on.

Who Is Stella Bulochnikov? New Details About Why Mariah Carey Is Suing Her Ex-Manager Instagram

In January, Mariah Carey and her former manager Stella Bulochnikov settled their lawsuit — but all that is off now. Carey is suing Bulochnikov and demanding that she pay any judgement or settlement that may be assesed as a result of the lawsuit Carey's former assistant Lianna Shakhnazaryan filed against her. Carey is alleging that Lianna accused Stella of severe, pervasive, sexual derogatory, offensive, physically abusive and outrageous conduct” in her lawsuit. Carey believes that her former manager should be the one to “compensate” her, not Carey. Who is Stella Bulochnikov?


1. Mariah Carey's statement

In the lawsuit, Cary said: “Any damages sustained by Azarian in connection with her employment were caused solely or in substantial part by the acts and/or omissions of the Bulchnikov Defendants. If and to the extent that the Mariah Defendants are required to compensate Azarian as a result of a judgment or settlement in this action, equity and good conscience demand that the Bulchnikov Defendants be required to pay all or a significant portion of that compensation.”



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2. Why is Mariah's former assistant suing her?

In January, Lianna filed a lawsuit against Mariah for reportedly ignoring the abuse heaped on Lianna by Bulochnikov during the two years she worked for Carey. Lianna alleges that Bulochnikov slapped her breasts and butt as well as urinated on her in front of other people. Lianna also claims that Bulochnikov often used racial slurs around her and called her "a f**king Armenian w***."



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3. The issues between Mariah and Bulochnikov

In 2018, Bulochnikov revealed that she was planning to file a lawsuit for $100 million against Carey. She claimed that instead of paying her bill for her management services, Carey chartered yachts and private jets and went on lavish vacations. Carey and Bulochnikov settled their issues and made up in January. But all of that is over now. 



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4. Russian dictator

Stella Bulochnikov also filed a $20 million lawsuit against her own cousin, attorney Zarina Burbacki, claiming Burbacki had withheld money from her and that she had poisoned the relationship between her and Carey. Bulochnikov claims Burbacki told Carey that she had been stealing from the pop star and had $5 million hidden in a secret bank account, which led to her dismissal as Carey's manager. Burbacki has filed a countersuit against Bulochnikiv in which she describes the hostile work environment she and other Carey staffers had to endure while working with Bulochnikov. Stella reportedly referred to herslef as the "Russian Dictator" and took "delight in the fact that she could destroy peoples' lives and careers," according to court documents. Zarina is seeking $155 million in damages.

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