Who Is Amanda Robson? New Details On Wade Robson's Wife

She collapsed over Leaving Neverland.

Who Is Amanda Robson? New Details On Wade Robson's Wife Instagram

Wade Robson is one of the men in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. He alleges that when he was a young boy, Michael Jackson sexually molested him. The documentary follows the grooming of Robson and his family by Jackson and the years he was part of Jackson's inner circle. Now 36, Robson is a professional dancer and choreographer living with his wife Amanda in Hawaii. Who is Amanda Robson?

1. Amanda and Wade

Amanda Rodriguez Robson is the wife of Wade Robson. They got married in August 2005. Their son was born in 2010. Amanda is an actress known for roles in The Richmond Family Massacre and The Strip. She is also a choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance.



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2. What did she think when Wade told her?

Amanda Robson also appears in Leaving Neverland. Wade told his family what happened with Jackson after a session with his therapist. Wade had a nervous breakdown and was forced to walk away from his job on the movie Step Up 4. Amanda said: “The abuse was a bomb that dropped in our life and exploded and ripped apart everything that we found sound and secure and safe.” The couple launched the Robson Child Abuse Healing And Prevention Fund with the mission of the prevention of and healing from child abuse.



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3. She banned Wade's mom from home

After a therapy session, Wade met up with Amanda, his brother, Shane and sister, Chantal for dinner. Shane mentioned that his wife had a dream in which Wade had been molested by Jackson. Wade hestiated for a moment and then said that it was true. Amanda reacted like she'd been punched. She took her distress out on Wade's mom, Joy. As a mother herself, she didn't understand why Wade's mom hadn't protected him from Michael Jackson. She banned Joy from their home for five months. 



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4. Wade denied being abused for 20 years

In the past, Wade swore to his mom that Jackson had not touched him. He testified in defense of Jackson during the 1993 trial in which Jordy Chandler acccused Michael of abusing him and again at the 2005 trial at which Jackson was accused of abusing 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo. Robson has said that he was too young in 1993 to fully comprehend what had happened to him. By 2005, he had too much to lose as he was a successful choreographer and dancer working wiith Britney Spears and NSync. He said, “The idea of this truth coming out and Amanda knowing about it and my family knowing about it, and everybody in the entertainment business, in my career knowing about it, I mean, was just a ridiculous idea that was never going to happen in my mind."



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5. When did Wade accuse Michael Jackson?

In 2013, Wade Robson sued Michael Jackson's estate for $1.7 billion over the alleged sexual abuse. A statement from Robson's legal team said:“The long-term psychological consequences of [Jackson’s] threats, sexual trauma and mental manipulation imprisoned [Robson’s] mind and prevented him from filing a timely claim just as effectively as if he had been physically imprisoned.” However, the lawsuit was dismissed when the judge ruled that the estate couldn’t be held responsible for the allegations against Jackson who died in 2009. 



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