Who Is Morgan Stewart's Husband? 5 Details About Brendan Fitzpatrick — And Their Divorce

They were on television for two years together.

Who Is Morgan Stewart's Husband? 5 Details About Brendan Fitzpatrick — And Their Divorce Instagram

E! News host Morgan Stewart and executive Bryce Kristensen are facing allegations that they had an inappropriate relationship. Multiple sources told Page Six that the two had an affair for over two years. According to their sources, the two were flirtatious both in the workplace and online.

Stewart tagged him in a photo on her Instagram account from March 2017, in which her backside is facing a separate camera.


The allegations are serious not only for her professional life but also her personal life. Stewart and Kristensen both denied the allegations, but Stewart’s husband did not respond to requests for comment.

Stewart’s husband is Brendan Fitzpatrick. He and Stewart go back to before she was on television — though he had a major hand in her rise to fame. So who is Morgan Stewart's husband? Here are details about Morgan Stewart’s long-time partner.

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1. He was on “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” with Stewart.

The show first aired in 2014: Stewart and Fitzpatrick were members of the original cast. The two were on for all four seasons, along with Dorothy Wang and Johnny Drubel. Other cast members included Roxy Sowlaty, EJ Johnson, Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, and Bianca Espada.


The show was inspired by Wang’s Instagram account: it awed E! casting directors, who asked to interview her and her friends. She brought Stewart, and the show got its start.

“Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” has 3.1 stars out of 10 on IMDB. Jon Caramanica reviewed the show for The New York Times. 

“The show is inspired by Rich Kids of Instagram, a Tumblr devoted to gently needling, and maybe gently envying, young people who gleefully show off their wealth on that photo- and video-sharing service. The result is a document of young narcissists relentlessly documenting themselves.”

The show is a look into the lives of twenty-somethings born into wealth and the privilege that comes with it. EJ Johnson is the son of Magic Johnson, the most recognizable parent on the show. Fitzpatrick was 25 when the show aired. He grew up in a wealthy Bel Air family but was the only cast member to have a paying job. His net worth was listed at $500,000 at the start of the show.


Stewart, in contrast, had a net worth of $5 million. Her father is a developer and builder based in Beverly Hills. She was also a blogger: BoobsandLoubs (“Loubs” being short for Louboutins) was dedicated to her lifestyle.

2. They got married in 2016.

Fitzgerald and Stewart were dating at the outset of the show. He proposed to her on an episode that aired in June 2015. He got down on one knee at what Stewart was tricked into thinking was a photoshoot.

“I think there’s just a bigger picture here and it’s that what we have is so special that there’s nothing I could imagine trading it for,” he said in the episode.


The two tied the knot on the last episode of the show. They wed on May 7, 2016; the episode aired about a month later. Their love was made clear through their vows, which they wrote themselves and exchanged emotionally.

“We’ve been through some tough times,” Brendan said, “but even when things seemed bad, they were far from it, because we were together, and I had you by my side. I don’t want another good day or bad day without you being a part of it. I am and will forever be your biggest fan.”

Stewart tearfully read her vows next.

“Thank you for being the best friend I’ve ever had and teaching me about what it means to be a friend. You have elevated me in every way, and there is no opinion I value more than yours. I promise to love you for the hypochondriac that you are, and always take snap time into account. I promise to embrace your neediness and try to put my phone away as much as possible—unless I need help with my Instagram…” she continued, laughing. “I promise to be the best wife I can be...I couldn’t imagine my life without you, and there is no other person I would wanna go through the bad, the good, and the ugly with. I look forward to a life of happiness, more laughter, and great outfits.”


3. He works in real estate.

As seen on the show, Fitzpatrick is still in the real estate world. He is the founder and lead agent of the Brendan Fitzpatrick Group.

The houses he deals with are at Beverly Hills prices but are not limited to that area. Fitzpatrick is an international real estate agent: a featured property on his website is a four bedroom, three bathroom, 1,913 square foot home in the United Kingdom, listed at £15 million, or over $19 million.

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4. He certainly has a taste for the finer things.

His Instagram is filled with luxury. He shows lavish homes for work, but doesn’t leave out the play on his account.

5. By all appearances, his marriage seems intact.

Fitzpatrick is not a frequent poster on Instagram, but many of his recent posts feature his wife. 


Stewart, in contrast, is much more active on the 'gram — but she still pays tribute to her husband. Her name on Instagram is “Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick.” She has also shared plenty of pics with Fitzpatrick. It can look as though the two are still in the honeymoon stage.

6. Stewart recently filed for divorce.

According to Radar, Stewart filed for divorce from Fitzpatrick on October 25, 2019, citing irreconcible differences. Their separation date was listed as April 6, 2019, once month after the cheating scandal erupted. 

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