Who Is Juliette Porter? New Details About The 'Siesta Key' Star — Including Her Relationship With Alex Kompothecras

Juliette caught Alex cheating on her. Are they done for good?

Who Is Juliette Porter? New Details About The 'Siesta Key' Star — Including Her Relationship With Alex Kompothecras Instagram

MTV’s reality show Siesta Key gives audiences a look at life among rich kids of Florida. From spectacular yachts to glitzy mansions, the cast of this show are living an opulent life.

Like so many rich, beautiful young reality stars before them, their lives on screen are chock full of relationship drama. The couple at the center of the show are Alex Kompothecras and Juliette Porter. They spent the first season getting together but this second season appears to be a lot rockier for their relationship, with some epic cheating scandals rearing their ugly heads.


So who is Juliette Porter? And are Alex and Juliette still together? Read on for all the details. 

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1. Who is Alex?

Alex is living the high life on his father’s money. His dad, Gary, is a chiropractor who branched out and started a website that helps people get take full advantage of certain medical benefits offered by insurers. It started out at the 1-800-ASK-GARY hotline and eventually grew to include an online presence.


Gary thought that Alex and his group of friends were leading a lifestyle that would be appealing for reality show producers, so he footed the bill to hire a crew and film a pilot. He later picked the 30-minute episode and MTV picked it up. Alex, aside from being a reality star, is a law student at the University of Tampa.



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2. Who is Juliette?

Juliette doesn’t share a lot about her family or background but we know she is about 20 and is a native of Florida. She also says she graduated from college but doesn’t elaborate. From her social media feeds, it easy to tell that she’s living a life of significant luxury. Since she doesn’t have a work history, her wealth is probably from her family.



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3. They are on-again-off-again.

Juliette started out the series determined to date Alex but he was reluctant to stop seeing any other women. They finally agreed to be exclusive with one another, a decision blew apart when Alex slept with Juliette’s best friend.

That was enough to split them up at least temporarily. However, they decided to try for a fresh start and were together again when the second season began.


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4. Juliette caught Alex cheating.

The relationship exploded in an episode that aired this week when Juliette discovered not one but two half-naked girls in Alex’s bed. He tried to explain it away, saying they were too drunk after a party to drive home but audiences and Juliette are unconvinced.


In a recap on Cosmo, noted reality TV jerk Specer Pratt says, “Do I think he cheated? Yes. Why do you have girls in thongs, in your T-shirts, in your bed, if you're not hooking up with them? I want to hear that story.”



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5. She broke up with him.

Juliette split up with Alex in a tearful scene but took him back shortly after.


In an appearance on the Watch With Us podcast, she said “It was really tough, everything was happening so fast. I didn’t even have time to think about what was going on, especially with everyone in my ear. I just wanted things to go back to normal, but in the back of my mind, I was thinking, ‘This is gonna change everything.’” '

Even after trying to work things out, Juliette said she never felt like the relationship was going to work out.

“We went back and forth a lot; I broke up with him in October for about a month; it was a toxic relationship. We tried again until about a month ago. After that, I was like, ‘We just have to rip the band-aid off.’”



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6. What happened when the cameras were off?

Juliette didn’t want to process this whole break up on camera and went to producers to ask for time off but was rebuffed.


“I begged the producers to let me, like, have a week off. They were, like, ‘We can’t, we have a deadline.’ And I understand that but I think in the situation I was in, I was just so emotional.”

She went on to share that she can’t watch the recent episodes where she and Alex were having their hard conversations about the future of their relationship, saying “I don’t want to watch it anymore. I don’t want to see myself in that state.”

Will Juliette and Alex find a way to get back together or are they done for good? Audiences are waiting to find out. 

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