Who Is Brian Stelter's Wife? New Details About Jamie Stelter — Including That She's Pregnant!

Here comes baby No. 2!

Who Is Brian Stelter's Wife? New Details About Jamie Stelter Including That She's Pregnant! Instagram

Brian Stelter and his wife are having another baby! The host of CNN's Reliable Sources recently announced that he and his wife, NY1 traffic reporter Jamie Stelter, are having their second child, and it sounds like they couldn't be more excited. 

“It is magical every time Sunny runs up to @JamieStelter’s belly and says BABY! We’ll get to meet him or her in August  #TheStelters," Brian, 33 wrote alongside a sweet photo of his two daughters. 


And Jamie, of course, is equally as thrilled. 

“I can finally share the news (!!!) that @brianstelter and I are having another baby. In August, Sunny will be a big sister,” she wrote. 

All this exciting baby news had led us to be a little more curious about Brian's personal life, especially his family. So who is Brian Stelter's wife? Here's everything we know about Jamie Stelter. 

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1. They have one daughter. 

Brian and Jamie welcomed their first daughter, a girl named Sunny Ray, back in May of 2017. She was born on a Sunday afternoon and weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces. 


After his daughter's birth, Brian posted his excitement on social media. 

“Jamie and I are over the moon and can’t wait for everyone to meet our sweet SUNNY," he wrote. They announced that they were expecting their first child back in December of 2016.

Sunny, now a little over 1 year old, has her own Instagram account — but it's private and assumingly only for close friends and family to see. 



Mama why you talkin about my pajamas on TV?! 

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2. They struggled to conceive. 

When they first announced that Jamie was pregnant with Sunny, they also revealed that they had struggled with fertility, and had two miscarriages.


“Y’know i’ve dreamed of this day for so long and to be honest i wasn’t sure it would ever be this day, it’d ever be our turn, that we’d ever be this lucky,” Jamie wrote in a post announcing her pregnancy. "I won’t promise you anything or tell you to relax (cause UGH) so i will just tell you what my saint of a husband told me over and over these last two years: ‘one way or another, one day or another, we will have a family of our own."

According to Motherly, Jamie dealt with two D&Cs, a PCOS diagnosis and several rounds of both IUI and IVF. 

“I hate the word "trying" because it made me feel so shitty for so long,” Jamie said in an interview. “When you try and it doesn't work, you fail. That was my life, and our cycle, for years. Try, fail. Try, fail. But what else is there to call it?”

“It was the hardest two-ish years of my life...but in just a few weeks, we'll finally meet this little miracle/rainbow/lovebug of ours.”


Jamie originally broke her own pregnancy news on Twitter, saying: "time for @brianstelter + i to share our avocado-sized (!) secret: i’m pregnant! baby stelter is due in may.”

Brian responded, and called the new baby the "#1 news story of the year." 

3. Jamie and Brian met on Twitter. 

In an interview with 6sqft — a site that interviews people about their apartments in New York — Jamie revealed that she and her now-hubby originally met on Twitter. 


"I was tweeting during the big Christmas snow storm in 2010 that shut down the subway system and he was like WHO THAT GIRL?! Brian DM’ed Pat Kiernan, asked if I was single, and the rest is history," she said. 

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4. There's a cute meaning behind their daughter's name. 

When asked about the meaning behind Sunny Ray's name, Jamie told 6sqft that it holds a special meaning in their relationship. 


"Sunny is half because Brian is such a weather geek and weather played a big part in our dating life and the other half because it made us smile. Can you say Sunny and not smile? Try, you can’t."

"And Ray is for Ray Lamontagne. We went to his concert on September 26, 2011, and that’s the night I decided I didn’t want to date anyone else."

How sweet! We can only imagine that the name for their second child will be just as special.

5. She appreciated all the support when she had her miscarriages.

Jamie and Brian were open with their viewers and social media followers about their fertility struggles. Jamie told Motherly that the support was a blessing.


“We shared news of our first miscarriage last February and were flooded with supportive messages from friends, colleagues, total strangers, you name it...many of whom had similar troubles. I wish no one had to struggle with fertility, but so many people do, so why aren't we talking about it more?” 



Minnie Me. (But actually Brian’s mini me.)  #minniemouse #workingmom

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