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Who Is Michelle Yeoh's Husband? New Details About Jean Todt

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Who Is Michelle Yeoh's Husband? New Details About Jean Todt

Of all the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood elite that made their way down the runway at the 2019 Oscars on Feb. 24, one woman stood out more than the rest. Crazy Rich Asians star Michelle Yeoh stole the spotlight at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood with her off-the-shoulder crin-based evening gown by Elie Saab. 

Embroidered with gold lurex thread and sequins, the gown also featured a nipped-in waist and a full skirt. Yeoh donned herself in Chopard and Richard Millie jewelry, along with a metallic, silver clutch. To say she was a vision would be an understatement. 

She said the hardest part about the outfit was its length. 

"Making sure no one is stepping on the tail," she told Entertainment Tonight. "It’s like, don't step on the tail! [Men] don't look down, they look ahead. And you don't wear heels!"

Yeoh also presented at the awards ceremony, and said she was happy to be "representing."

"I’m extremely pleased because Awkwafina is doing it, I’m doing it and Constance [Wu] is doing it, so we are 'representing'. I’m happy about that," she said. "It means so much. It means that we as an Asian community are represented here, because how often have you seen us? Not very much. I think the last time I was here was [for] Crouching Tiger and that is, like, 18 years ago."

With all this focus on Yeoh, people are starting to wonder more about her personal life, like her husband, for instance. So who is Michelle Yeoh's husband? Here's everything we know about Jean Todt. 

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1. He's a motorsports executive. 

Jean Todt was named the president of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile in 2009. He has spent his entire career in motorsports, first working as a rally co-driver for Talbot. In 1981, he won the manufacturers World Rally Championship and was the runner-up in the drivers' World Rally Championship. 

He then moved over into the management side of the business and retired from competing the same year he won. He was appointed Director of Racing for Peugeot, and under his direction, won the Paris-Dakar RAlly four times. He then went on to work for Ferrari as their chief executive officer for two years, winning the 14 Formula One World Championship title. 

Needless to say, he has a need for speed. 

2. He's French.

Todt was born in a southern Cantal village in the Auvergne region of France. While graduating from business school in Paris, he spent his time tuning cars with some friends in a garage. 

3. He was appointed to the United Nations. 

In April 2015, Todt was appointed by the UN Secretary-General to be his Special Envoy for Road Safety. In this role, he mobilizes "sustained political commitment towards road safety" as well as advocates and raises awareness about the UN's road safety good practices through global and regional conferences. 

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4. He has a son. 

Todt's son Nicholas Todt was born in 1977. He currently serves as the co-owner of the ART Grand Prix GP2 team, following in his father's racing footsteps.

It's unclear who his mother is, but it doesn't look like it's Yeoh. 

5. They're not yet married.

While it's not exactly clear how they met, Yeoh and Todt have been together since 2004 though some reports state they've been dating since 2008. Due to both of their busy schedules, they have not yet found the time to set a date for their wedding. 

In 2017, Yeoh even admitted that she hadn't seen her significant other in four weeks. 

“No time!" she said when asked about the wedding. "This year will be very busy. I will probably be doing two to three more movies this year. [The wedding] probably won’t happen this year.”


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6. They have a lot of respect for each other. 

In an interview with RedVisitor, Yoeh talked about how much she respects her partner's work ethic. 

"I think Jean is one of the most hard-working people I've ever met in my entire life," she said. "He will never leave anything unfinished. He will relentlessly do every single thing, talk to every single person; he will cross off everything on his list before he goes to sleep. That means he doesn't sleep very much. He's very devoted and so dedicated."

Todt is equally as impressed with Yeon, which he relates when he talks about her movie The Lady.

"I saw Michelle preparing herself for the role of Aung San Suu Kyi for about two years. She read so much about the character and she started to learn Burmese, to play the piano, and to lose weight for the role. It's one of Michelle's movies that I'm the most proud of."


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