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'Crazy Rich Asians' Star Henry Golding Expecting First Child — Meet His Wife, Liv Lo

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Liv Lo and Henry Golding

Another day, another celebrity pregnancy announcement!

Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding and his wife, Liv Lo, took to Instagram on Nov. 5 to reveal that they are expecting their first child together. 

"Such immense joy this little one has brought us already. Now we get to share it with you [hearts] We love you [stars]!" Lo captioned a series of photos of herself and Golding while showing off her baby bump in a curve-hugging dress.

And while we're familiar with Henry Golding and his rise to fame, we're curious to know more about his relationship with his wife, Liv Lo.

Who is Henry Golding's wife, Liv Lo?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the mama-to-be.


A post shared by Liv Lo Golding (@livlogolding) on Nov 5, 2020 at 8:23pm PST

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Liv Lo is also a celeb.

Yeah, that's right! Who said you can't have two totally insanely-talented people who photograph really, really well in one couple? Not I, that's for sure! 

Liv works as a model, a TV host, a fitness lifestyle expert, a yoga instructor, and probably like a million other things, too.

Even if she had nothing to do with Henry (thankfully this is not the case) chances are you would've heard of her sooner or later. 

Heck, her 229,000 Instagram followers are proof that you probably already have! Liv takes the fit life and makes it also look like the fun life.

Liv Lo made the first move. 

Get ready for a story that is so sickeningly sweet and cute that you might need to prep a couch for you swoon on after you sugar crash from hearing it. That's how ears work, right?

It was New Year's Day, 2011. The couple were strangers, but both had been invited to a party to swing in the New Year at a mutual friend's house. Liv noticed Henry pretty much immediately, and she noticed that the feeling (or at least the noticing) was mutual. 

She waited and waited and waited for Henry to approach her, to say hello, to ask to be introduced to her, anything!

But he didn't do it.

As the party was drawing to a close, Henry went to get his coat and was making his way out of the party when Liv interrupted him: "Hi," she said to him. "You're leaving this party and you're never going to see me again."

Bold move, or bold move? It's like a modern day Jane Austen and I love it. Apparently, so did Henry!

This first encounter led to 5 years of bliss before Harry finally popped the question and the couple tied the knot in 2016!

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Liv Lo is bi-racial and proud. 

Growing up wasn't always easy for Liv Lo. She is half-Taiwanese and half-Italian, and being biracial isn't often seen as the gift that it is. 

But Liv wouldn't let anything stop her from realizing just how special she really was.

She made it a point to learn three languages, English, Mandarin and Japanese, and has spent time living in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. Her mother and her adoptive father did their best to cultivate in Liv just how proud she should be of who she is, and it stuck!

This is part of why she was so thrilled when Harry took part in a film as celebratory of diversity as Crazy Rich Asians. 

She's independent.

In interviews, Liv Lo has spoken about how important her relationship with Henry is to her, obviously, but she also talks about a much more personal relationship: the one we all have with ourselves.

While some wives or girlfriends would be annoyed that their partner had to travel so much for work, Liv relishes the time that she and Henry spend apart. It doesn't just make their reunions that much sweeter, it enables her to spend the time she needs getting in touch with herself. 

She's a total romantic.

Independent though she may be, don't for a second get the impression that this stunner is anything than other totally besotted with her adorable husband.

When Henry proposed, he took full advantage over how much his girlfriend loved a romantic gesture.

He booked the same hotel in Thailand where they had spent their first trip away together and scheduled this second trip as a celebration of their fourth anniversary. He knew that a stunning sunset and champagne would help seal the memory for the girl of his dreams.  

If you want more examples of her romantic ways, just check out the love notes she writes to him on her Instagram! 

"You're my favorite annoying person who I adore," she wrote in July.

When was Liv Lo and Henry Golding's wedding?

The cute couple got married on August 19, 2017 at Cove 55 resort in Sarawak, Malaysia. 

"My wife is the best woman in the whole universe,” he said.

“She’s so strong, she’s extremely loyal, independent. I wouldn’t be able to do it without her, so it’s wonderful to be able to have this success, but also, it’s wonderful to be able to share it with her.”

What is Liv Lo's height?

Liv Lo is one tall gal! The fitness enthusiast is reportedly around 5-foot-10.

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