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Who Is Karen Houghton? New Details About Kris Jenner's Estranged Sister

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Who Is Karen Houghton? New Details About Kris Jenner's Estranged Sister

Kris Jenner is getting some flack recently for her poor treatment of her sister. What, what? The world's most famous momager has a sister? How are we just hearing about this? Apparently, Kris has a younger sister named Karen Houghton who has been in and out of the hospital since last July when she had a hip replacement surgery. Radar is reporting that Kris hasn't been to see her sister even one time. Kris allegedly didn't even acknowledge her sister's 60th birthday in November. Well, maybe Karen lives too far away for busy Kris to visit. After all she has an empire to oversee. Nope! Kris' sister lives near her mother in San Diego — just about 140 miles away from Kris' Calabassas compound. Who is Karen Houghton? And what's up with her and Kris' estranged relationship?

1. She had a facelift to look like Kris

Karen Houghton reportedly had a facelift that made her dramatically resemble her famous older sister. She is Kris Jenner's only sibling and has never appeared in any of the Kardashian family's television shows or at any of their public appearances. In fact, people close to the family believe that Kris has purposely tried to keep her sister out of the spotlight. 

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2. She had to get a restraining order against her ex-husband

Karen Houghton was married to Mark Zettel from 1996 to 2002. Karen was forced to go to San Diego Superior Court in 2009 to obtain an order of protection against him. At the time, she told the Daily Mail that he was on psychiatric meds, bipolar drugs, and crystal meth and that his behavior was threatening and violent towards both Karen and their teenaged daughter Natalie.


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3. She refused to attend Kim's wedding 

Karen is sometimes referred to as the 'crazy aunt' by the Kardashian/Jenner family. She refused to attend Kim's wedding to Kanye West. Reportedly, Kim offered to fly her to Paris but Karen was worried raging California wildfires would destroy her home while she was gone. Karen told the Daily Mail: "I've been to Kim's wedding, two of them, and I've been to Paris. I'd stay at the Four Seasons and all that, but I used to be a stewardess — traveling and all of that is not a big deal to me."

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4. She had to get a second restaining order

Karen has a habit of dating unsavory men. Less than two years after she got the restraining order against her ex-husband she asked for another one for her then boyfriend Steven Thornton. She claimed he was a crack addict, convicted felon, and parole violator and she was afraid for her safety. He has been arrested 12 times on charges of aggravated burglary and theft in California and Tennessee. 

5. Kris ignored her sister's birthday

Kris is famously super-suportive of her children Kourtney, 39, Kim, 38, Khloe, 34, Rob, 31, Kendall, 23, and Kylie, 21 and their children. But when it comes to her only sister, she instead chooses to ignore her. Karen recently turned 60 and spent it in a hospital bed in San Diego with her daughter Natalie, 19. There was no happy birthday post on social media for Karen from Kris. In a picture shared by Natalie Zettle, who is a model, Karen is seen wearing a dressing gown as she prepares to eat into a hospital meal, complete with a slice of birthday cake. The day after Karen's birthday, Kris posted an effusive birthday wish for her friend Dee Ocleppo's birthday. Kris said: "Happy birthday my beautiful, amazing, funny, talented, creative, thoughtful, generous, sweet and adventurous BFF! @mrshilfiger." 


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