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Are Blac Chyna And Soulja Boy Dating? New Details About Their Rumored Relationship

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Are Blac Chyna And Soulja Boy Dating? New Details About Their Rumored Relationship

Blac Chyna wasted no time moving on from ex-boyfriend Kid Buu and is reportedly dating Soulja Boy.

Chyna, 30, was not single for long following her split from SoundCloud rapper Kid Buu at the end of last month. She and Soulja, 28, have been together for about a week, sources confirmed to TMZ, who first reported the rumored relationship. The pair seem to be off to a good start, which is good news considering her last relationship ended on such rough terms. 

Chyna broke up with Kid Buu after they got into a major fight at a hotel in Hawaii, Hollywood Life reported. On Jan. 28, Chyna called cops on her then-boyfriend and claimed he assaulted her at the Ritz Carlton during what should have been a romantic getaway on the island. The incident, which started when Chyna found out Kid Buu was reportedly cheating on her, "turned violent" and the couple was not able to work things out. Now, Chyna is all smiles with Soulja Boy and seems to be putting her break up behind her.

So are Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy dating? Here's what we know about their relationship — including how Soulja might already have a girlfriend.

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1. They slid into each other's DM's.

According to TMZ, Chyna and Soulja had a little help from Instagram to get things going. They both reportedly slid into one another's DMs before meeting up for the first time at Sean Kingston's penthouse in L.A. last week. 


2. The pair attended Grammy parties together.

Chyna and Soulja were seen attending a few Grammy after parties together Sunday, including KidSuper Grammys after party in L.A., where Soulja was given an award for Best Comeback, according to PEOPLE. They were seen dancing with each other all night and Chyna repeatedly grabbed his hand as the party went on.

Soulja posted multiple photos of the event on his Instagram, officially tagging their couple name: DrakoChyna.


DrakoChyna Grammy Party Celebration

A post shared by Big Drako (@souljaboy) on Feb 12, 2019 at 2:21pm PST

3. They've been "inseparable."

Since they met in L.A. last week, Chyna and Soulja have been "inseparable," TMZ reported.

Aside from spending time together at after parties, Chyna and Soulja were seen getting manicures and pedicures on Tuesday, according to Soulja, who documented the outing on his Insta story.

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4. Chyna may just be trying to piss off Alexis Skyy.

Chyna recently got into a fight with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Alexis Skyy, who was romantically linked to Soulja Boy in the past. 

In January, the ladies got into it at a club and Chyna reportedly threw a drink on Skyy, who made a huge scene about it on social media. Skyy demanded that Chyna fight her, but no fist fight ever came out of the ordeal and things seemed to have calmed down. 

Skyy is also rumored to be dating Chyna's ex and baby daddy, Rob Kardashian. It is possible that Chyna is dating Soulja to get back at Skyy, although it has not been confirmed in any way.


5. Soulja is also reportedly dating another woman.

Soulja has the handle of a model tagged in his Instagram bio followed by the heart, ring, and fingers crossed emojis. The handle belongs to Instagram model Tiona Fernan, who also has Soulja tagged in her bio.

On Jan. 26, Soulja posted a video of Fernan listening to one his songs and called her his "girl." He also posted a photo of her with the caption, "I love you," a few days prior, but it's unclear if they are together or not as of now.

What are you up to, Soulja Boy? Either way, Fernan did not seem bothered by Soulja's flirty photos because she posted a photo of him with the caption "Mine" and a heart emoji not long after. But Fernan posted an intriguing caption on Tuesday, saying, “My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and what misses me was never meant for me," hinting that she and Soulja may have ended things.


So is Soulja Boy single? Is his relationship with Blac Chyna the real deal or are they just trying to piss off their exes? Looks like this new couple plans to leave us in the dark — for now.

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