Who Is Ines De Ramon? Everything To Know About 'Vampire Diaries' Star Paul Wesley's Wife

Their marriage came as a surprise to fans.

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Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley married his girlfriend last year. But who is Ines De Ramon?

While not much is known about the ceremony, the couple was spotted out and about with matching engagement rings in February 2019. E! News later confirmed that the couple did, in fact, get married. 

While there was a lot of speculation surrounding Wesley, 37, and Ines de Ramon's very private relationship, they were able to pull off getting hitched without anyone realizing it — which, in today's day and age, is pretty impressive. 


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Who is Ines de Ramon, Paul Wesley's wife?

She's a health coach. 

Although some reports claimed that Ines de Ramon works as a health coach, her LinkedIn page has her listed as a retail coordinator for de GRISOGONO, a luxury goods and jewelry company.

Prior to her current role, she worked as a jewelry department intern for Christie's and a client services intern for Kempinski Hotels. She graduated with her bachelors of business administration from the University of Geneva in 2013.

Like her husband, she appears to be a very private person. 



A post shared by Paul Wesley (@paulwesley) on Sep 20, 2018 at 10:07pm PDT

If the secret wedding wasn't enough to tip you off already, Ramon isn't one to bask in the spotlight of dating a celebrity. Her Instagram profile was originally private, but she has since made it public. Also, her and Wesley haven't been seen at hardly any public events together. 


Even though the pair has never commented publicly on their relationship — until confirming their engagement — the couple has shared a few sweet photos of their love on Instagram.

She isn't Wesley's first wife. 

This isn't the first time Wesley made a lifelong commitment. He was previously married to actress Torrey DeVitto from 2011 to 2013. They costarred in Killer Movie together, and she had a role on Vampire Diaries from 2012 to 2013.

However, DiVitto was best known for her role on Pretty Little LiarsWesley's representative said the couple split "amicably" and that they were intent on remaining friends. "Paul and Torrey have decided to amicably split," he said. "They will continue to remain good friends."

DiVitto and Wesley's divorce came as a shock and surprise to fans who had grown to love the pair on Vampire Diaries. The couple was originally wed in 2011 in a small, private ceremony in New York City, and Wesley even spoke out about the benefits of working with his now ex-wife. 


"It's fantastic because otherwise we'd be 2,000 miles away, Los Angeles and Georgia, so it's very nice to be in the same geographical location," he said. They had been a couple for roughly six years.

Wesley was reportedly relieved that he had signed a prenup with DiVitto before getting hitched. In that agreement, Wesley received all of the $730,593 he put up for the purchase of their home, whereas Torrey only got the $10,000 she put in. 

His most recent relationship was with Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin. They were on-and-off for four years before officially splitting up in October 2017. However, not long after their breakup, they reportedly had been "hooking up."

Still, they never officially got back together, and he soon after met his current wife, De Ramon.


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She speaks five languages. 

According to her LinkedIn page, Ramon speaks five languages: German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Since all of the languages were written out in French on her page, we think it's safe to assume that French is her first language and possibly where she's from.

It's also safe to say that speaking multiple languages was a huge plus for Wesley, who was born to Polish parents, Tomasz and Agnieszka Wasilewski. Even though he grew up in New Jersey, he also spent four months every year in Poland until he was 16 and knows how to speak the language.

It's unclear when their relationship began. 



A post shared by Ines de Ramon - Brasil (@inesdrm_brasil) on Sep 24, 2019 at 11:17am PDT

Since the private pair has yet to open up about their relationship publicly, Ramon and Wesley were first spotted out together in June 2018. They were seen holding hands after grabbing dinner in New York City. 


There wasn't a peep — other than an Instagram photo from Wesley — since then. Then, the couple got married. 

When they were spotted out with their rings on February 8, 2019 paparazzi noted that Wesley's ring looked gold and his wife's seemed to be a thin silver band with a circular diamond. 

They've been seen spending time with the Vampire Diaries cast.

In September 2019, the cast and creators of the hit series were photographed together in Ibiza. They were reportedly all there to celebrate the shows tenth anniversary. Wesley was one of the stars in attendance at the reunion. 


However, some fans started to speculate that they weren't there to celebrate the show's anniversary, but were actually there to celebrate Wesley's marriage.

The speculation came after some of Wesley's family had also posted photos from Ibiza. However, this was never actually confirmed as the reason for the cast's getaway. 

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