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Who Is Anthony Hobson? New Details About The Man Who Murdered Pregnant Real Estate Girlfriend Jennifer Irigoyen

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Who Is Anthony Hobson? New Details About The Man Who Murdered His Pregnant Real Estate Girlfriend Jennifer Irigoyen

Jennifer Irigoyen was a New York real estate agent who was stabbed to death on February 3rd. Her unborn baby also died in the attack. Irigoyen was five months pregnant when she died in the entrance of her apartment in Queens. A neighbor named Maurice Roman Zereoue witnessed the murder. When he entered the building he heard her screaming "He's got a knife! He's going to kill the baby!" Zereoue said he saw her being dragged down the stairs. When the murderer fled, he asked her if she knew her attacked. Irigoyen nodded her head yes, but could not speak due to her wounds. Zereoue tried to help Irigoyen while his girlfriend called 911. Police arrived around 1am to find Irigoyen with severe stab wounds to her neck and torso with her puppy standing over her in the foyer of her building. She was transported to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. She and her baby were pronounced dead soon after arrival at the hospital. Irigoyen sold luxury real estate on the Upper East and West sides of Manhattan as well as in Queens. She was a Zumba instructor, classically-trained pianist, and professional Latin ballroom dancer. She is survived by an eight-year-old son from a previous relationship. 

Now, her 48-year-old ex-boyfriend has been arrested for the crime and charged with second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, and fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon. The charge of abortion related to the murders was dropped. He was captured on surveillance video as he dragged 35-year-old Irigoyen from the hallway of her apartment on the third floor to a stairwell. Who is Anthony Hobson?

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1. Hobson fled the state

Prosecutors charged Hobson with the fatal stabbing of Jennifer Irigoyen outside of her apartment in Ridgewood, Queens. During Hobson's arraignment on February 8th, the DA stated that Hobson had fled the state after killing Irigoyen. He returned to New York and turned himself in after his family told him the police were looking for him. The DA also made it clear that Hobson was well aware  Irigoyen was five months pregnant when he stabbed her in her abdomen and torso. Assistant District Attorney Bryan Kotowski said, “The defendant beat and dragged the victim, Jennifer Irigoyen, down the stairs and then brutally stabbed her in the neck, abdomen and torso. The defendant knew that the victim was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. The day of the investigation, the defendant not only fled Queens County, but fled the state. He only turned himself in when his family informed him the police were looking for him. ”

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2. He will not be charged with abortion

Originally, prosecutors also planned to chage Hobson with abortion. However due to New York state's new Reproductive Health Act, they had to withdraw the chages. The controversial new law decriminalized abortion.


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3. He was identified

Three different witnesses identified Anthony Hobson as the man they saw leaving Irigoyen's Queens building on February 3rd. He was also identified on surveillance videos in the apartment building. Hobson's attorney argued for bail, citing Hobson's strong family and ties to the community and the fact that he voluntarily surrendered. The judge was not convinced. He was deemed a flight risk and denied bail.


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4. He faces life in prison

Prosecutors told the court that Anthony Hobson had not displayed any regard for human life when he stabbed his pregnant girlfriend on February 3rd. Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said: “This was a heinous crime. The defendant is alleged to have shown no mercy and no regard for human life when he repeatedly and purposely plunged a knife into this expectant mother’s abdomen, torso and neck.” Hobson could be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison if he is convicted. 

5. Her family's pain

Irigoyen's family and friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the costs of her funeral and to help her young son. Her family and friends describe Jenny has a deeply talented woman who brought laughter into the lives of all who knew her. The GoFundMe page says, “It was difficult to write these lines because there are no exact words to describe the pain that her loss has brought to our family. Jenny Irigoyen was a daughter, sister, cousin, mother, and friend. If you ever had the pleasure of interacting with her, I am sure that laughter dominated that interaction. She loved to laugh, joke, and just be her silly self. She was extremely talented and tried her best to share her many talents with the world. She was a graceful salsa dancer and teacher, classical pianist, enjoyed interior design, and followed her passion in becoming a real estate agent.”


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