30 Best Box Braids Hairstyles On Instagram

These hairstyles are giving us serious inspo.

30 best box braid hairstyles on instagram.

Box braids are a timeless hairstyle that once you have, you'll want to keep forever. While they may be stylish, box braids also have the ability to help keep your hair healthy and give it a break from the day-to-day heat damage and chemicals added to your hair.

Box braids hairstyles are easy for your everyday life, and the best part is, you don't have to do your hair every morning. Braids can last up to two months time (although it's recommended you don't go past this). If you're feeling crazy and want to go several months in box braids, this can cause hair to get extremely dry and sometimes even break off!


If box braids are your thing, we found some amazing hairstyles that will help you draw inspiration for your next hair appointment.

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1. Red Twist


Loving the bright red tones in this hairstyle. This is completely versatile and can be worked in so many different ways.


2. Sultry Braids


These tiny braids make a big impact on this hairstyle. This style with a bronzed makeup look is perfect for Valentine's Day or a date night out.

3. Medium Braids



These braids fall so messy and tasseled, it's seriously a mood. The thicker braid makes the hair more manageable and definitely makes a statement.

4. Medium Braids


These braids frame her face so nicely. We love how small braids make the hair look fuller.

5. Pulled Back



Talk about a beautiful design with amazing accessories! Not only did this hairstyle alone make waves, but so did these cute rings.

6. Vacay Ready


Okay, this whole picture is amazing. The hair just falls perfectly down her back and this outfit is literally goals!

7. Large Braids



Loving the two-toned hair style. It adds so much dimension and gives the braids more texture.

8. Shades Of Blonde


These pulled back braids really light up her face. With some light blonde highlights, it really frames the face and lightens the cheek bones.

9. Thick Braids



When the hair is pulled back, it creates its own volume for a perfect look. You can also see the immense attention to detail put into these braids.

10. Golden Braids


Okay, this girl is rocking these braids and those gorgeous orange undertones. With the light and dark contrasting tones it almost looks as though they are chain links. A really unique look that's destined to wow!


11. Mixed Braids


This brings a classic look with a fun new twist. Leave room at the ends to add a tight barrel curl to add more volume to your hair. This is convenient, as you can easily take this look for day two, three, and four, and mix it all up in between. 

12. Big & Little



Love how the hairstylist mixed up these braids and added different sizes throughout the style. This made the hairstyle come together at the end.

13. Pastel Tones


These pastel colors are giving us life! Step away from your everyday highlight and give yourself a temporary color, or go all out and talk to your hair girl about something more permanent.


14. Let's Hear It For Green


The green ombré is an indredible addition to this great hairstyle. Who says you have to have long plain hair all the time? Not us!

15. Bound Tight



These braids look like they aren't going anywhere! The thick, super tight braids will last you several weeks of waking up and heading out the door.

16. Wrap It Up


Have a little fun with your hair. You can throw in some string, tinsel, feathers, whatever you want and dress it up.


17. Braided Bob


It's not everyday you see an adorable bob wrapped up in some braids. Loving the contemporary and elegant look this short hair gives off.

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18. Tassled Ends


The ends of this hairstyle look like adorable little tassles we just want to play with all day. The ends of this style look super healthy and shiny.

19. Twisted Braids



Switch it up and opt for a twist braid. The all-over twist is super simple to master and looks great in just no time at all.

20. Top Knot


Take your braids and style it with a half top knot. Your hair will sit on top of your hair in a tight little ball while making you look like you're heading to an A-list event.


21. Copper Tones


These vibrant copper braids are incredible. Not only do the braids shine and stand out, but the hints of copper throughout other braids in the hairstyle also make a nice touch.

22. Platinum Blonde



They say blondes have more fun, right? These bright blonde braids still show there is truth to that statement.

23. Let It Be Gold


If you're over the blonde situation, just go right past that and make your hair literal gold. You can add just a few pieces like the picture above, and go all out and do an all-over braided gold look.


24. No Hair Tie, No Problem


If you're out and having a day at the office or running errands with no hair tie on hand, you can just twist your hair into this half up look so it's out of your face. It's effortless without using any tools at all.


25. Intricate Colors


The pieces of yarn or string that have been so beautifully weaved into this hair gives us inspo for Coachella and other festivals. Use any string or tinsel to braid into your hair for a care-free and fun style like this one.

26. In Progress



This picture gives you a little insight on the process of what it looks like to box braid. Sectioning off the hair and doing each braid perfect and tight takes time. It's an art for sure.

27. Messy Twists


The messy twists for this box braid hairstyle are not only unique, but really give the hair added volume and flare. Sometimes your twists and braids don't have to be picture perfect.


28. Loose Bun


Throw your hair up in a loose bun to have it out of the way with a busy day ahead. Throw on a cute hair scarf to spice up the style and elevate the look.

29. Bold & Beautiful



These large box braids frame her face so perfectly. Taking on the idea of fun bands or beads to place at the end of braids really give it that special touch.

30. Elevated Style


The braid of all braids. There are so many things to love about this style, the color, the twist down the middle, the beads. There is so much inpiration that can be drawn!


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