33 Best Hairstyles For Women In 2019

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We are just weeks away from closing the chapter that is 2018. Whether you wore your hair natural, up, or in loose waves, we've compiled a list of (not just curls) hairstyles that gave us great inspiration that will carry into 2019! 

This year was definitely the year of curls, big and small. Whether you're about dressing them up or dressing them down, there is no doubt about it that a head of curls doesn't go a long way. The best part about curls is that you can wear your hair down or pin it all up for something classic and elegant.


But on the off chance you're running out of ideas for the best hairstyles, we've got you covered!

1. Natural

Embracing your natural hair is what it's all about. Sometimes you just don't have time to style and make everything perfect. We're living for this look and the oversized hoop earrings.


2. Loose Waves

This hairstyle is giving us Audrina Patridge vibes. Having nice loose waves makes for an effortless look and is great for second and third day hair as well.

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3. Sleek and Straight


Not a hair is out of place with this hairstyle! This hair clip would be a great addition to your everyday style, helping you create half sections like this one.

4. Waves For Days

If you're looking to re-create this look you'll want to work with a lot of texture. The Quai Texturizing Spray works miracles on your hair and is great for holding curls in all day long.


5. Wrapped Bun

The most elegant bun you've even seen. This definitely knocks your everyday top knot out of the park, and with just a few extra steps. Section off the top of your hair into two sections and wrap it over one another until you've created the above look. For added volume, be sure to throw in some volume powder before styling.

6. Loosely Braided Bun


Braids will never go out of style. This look proves that point with the gorgeous braid pulled out as loose as it can go into a low bun. Perfect for a holiday party look!

7. The Big Bob

The Big Bang Theory's Kayley Cuocu knows how to rock a red carpet, and she does it with this relaxed hairstyle. Her stylist curled the top of the strand but left the ends flat so they could fall in whatever direction, giving this hairstyle so much dimension. Yes, please!


8. Scarf Knot

Scarves are so in this fall, especially hair scarves. If you're feeling a little conflicted with your next hairstyle, throw a scarf into the mix. We love how the style above shows a simple top knot with an added scarf for color and texture.

9. Top Knot


The half-up knot made its grand entrance into 2018 and everyone was here for it. To top it off, it's the easiest look to do with either an elastic hair tie or a scrunchie!

10. Sweet and Sassy

Remember how we mentioned curly hair can make great second day hair? This is a prime example. If you're running late to the office, spin your hair back and pin with bobby pins. No one will know the difference and you look like you just walked out of the salon.


11. Waterfall French Braid

Loving the simplicity of this look and the added waterfall braid to keep her hair out of her face.

12. Exaggerated Side-Part


If you're wanting to take a leap and change something with your hair, you don't have to look too far. You can part your hair off a little bit more than usual, giving it not only more volume but much more to work with.

13. Dragon's Back

This French braid is absolutely stunning. All this takes is a Dutch braid and then pulled out to its max and tied in a low bun. This look is perfect for any upcoming holiday parties or a big office event.


14. Space Buns

Space Buns had a huge come-up in 2018. If you were anywhere near Coachella, you knew this fad would be here to stay. We love how this style had evolved and has added French braids into the buns.

15. Loose Twist


If mastering the French braid isn't something you have down yet, don't fret. Twisting your hair into two sections and pinning back is a great alternative like the one pictured above.

15. Low Pony

There are so many aspects to this style that should be highlighted. Just to name one, the hidden hair tie. This look has hair twisted around the hair tie for a more edgy look. We also love the finished more teased appeal to this style.


16. Contemporary Glam

If you're in a rush and the messy bun is your go-to, you can follow the style steps of this trend by throwing a cute clip in the back.

17. Fish Tail


To be honest, the fish tail is the most under appreciated hairstyle in 2018 and that's exactly why it made this list — because it rocks! This style is so intricate and adorable, and once you learn how to do it this is all you'll be doing.

18. Low Buns

This style is a mix of two previous styles mixed together. Just twisting the hair downwards and into two low buns to keep your hair out of your face so you can continue on with your day.


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19. Half Twist

While we all love a good twist, let's talk about the fact that the subtle braid in this style is really speaking for itself. If you're looking to spice anything up with your hair game, try this great trick pictured above.


19. Dutch Braids

These Dutch braids are adorable. We love the exaggerated look and how much she pulled out each braid. She ended the look early, leaving her ends extra long and flowy.

20. Dutch Waterfall


Yes, we have already mentioned the waterfall braid. However, the Dutch waterfall is also another spectacular idea. To be honest, when you're learning how to braid you either get the Dutch braid or a French braid down first, it all just depends on how your fingers work.

21. Double Dutch

And once you have that all worked out we bring you the double Dutch. Because one will never be enough.


22. Half-Pony

Gather up your hair and throw it into an upright pony tail. To achieve this look throw in an Invisibobble hair tie for added volume.

23. Half-Up Frenchie


This is making new waves for the half-up pony tail. The added French braids throughout the hair give this look new life. If this has been your go-to style for awhile in 2018, we may have just found you a better one.

24. Braided Pin-Back

You can create this look within minutes (and if you're really a pro, maybe even without a mirror).


25. Braided Pony

With this look, it's okay if it gets a little messy or you lose track of the braid. You can just dive back in, because in the end, you just pull it all out for a messy look anyway.

26. Top Knot


We love this style of effortless waves with the hair pulled back. Sometimes the curls are too much to manage in your face and it just has to go up (we've all been there!).

27. Runway Look


Can we just take a moment? Like, we are positive this look is hard to re-create (and if you can, tell us) but we just love to look at it.

28. Lavender 

Sometimes it's not about the style or the cut, but the color. This lavender tinted hair has us swooning and texting our hair girl ASAP.

29. Game of Thrones-inspired


This look is giving us serious Game of Thrones vibes with the long platinum hair and twisted braids. If you're digging the Medieval era, this look is for you!

30. Twisted Crown

There are so many aspects of this style to talk about. The long hair. The curls. But this twisted crown is what has us swooning.


31. Twisted Low Bun

Twist your hair into multiple sections and tame them all together at the bottom with two low buns!

32. Natural Pony


Embrace those natural curls and pull your hair up into a gorgeous high bun!

33. Cut Close

We love the length of this hairstyle. It's perfect for a hot and humid day or if you're just looking to refresh your current hairstyle.

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