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Who Is Adi Khalefa? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

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who is Adi Khalefa

Since Comedians of the World on Netflix premiered, the series has provided viewers with a unique perspective for what life is like in different regions of the globe. With 47 comics from 13 areas — including Germany, the UK, France, India, Australia, and more — it’s no wonder people are thoroughly enjoying laughing on their couches. But for those who want to see comics from countries where English isn’t the first language, Netflix luckily has subtitles available for all routines.

Though you may not have heard about Adi Khalefa, his routine in the series brings light to important issues. Right from the jump, he immediately starts talking about religion, but his stand-up quickly becomes about much more.

“In the beginning, I was just imitating things, but I realized I wanted to talk about topics that were important to me. I hate discrimination and racism, and that’s why I try to strike a balance between telling jokes and delivering a message,” he’s said.

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But just who is Adi Khalefa? Since you may not have heard about him, here are five details about his start in stand-up, his career, and how he feels about being featured on Netflix.

1. He’s from Palestine.

Khalefa is from Nazareth, which is also known as “the Arab capital of Israel.”

2. He’s an international success.


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Since getting his start in stand-up, he’s performed in international comedy festivals, like the Dubai Comedy Festival and The Arab Network Comedy Festival. He’s also performed alongside other comedians, including Bassen Yousef, Maz Jubrani, Nemr Abu Nassar, and Pablo Fransisco.

His latest show, Billiat-Show, has sold out tickets eight times in the Arab world due to his success. The show is based on his personal, political, and social experiences.

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3. He’s also an actor.


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He’s known for his roles in A Trip to Jaffa, and Al Martha Lauf.

4. He has a specific comedic style.

According to Khalefa, he talks about anything he finds funny, and that includes his feelings regarding certain topics. And he wants his audience to know that he’s not trying to perform comedy that has a moral message.

“Mr. Bean, who is a comedic genius, makes comedy about nothing and he is extremely respected. So, it is not necessary to have a message in your stand-up. But I like to vary my style too, so whatever I find funny, really,” he said.

5. He’s extremely grateful to Netflix.


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Khalefa is one of four comedians from the Middle East to be featured in the series. And for him, it’s more than just a 30-minute routine; it’s an opportunity to bring his comedy to a global audience.

According to him, “Back home I was just doing shows. It is great to reach this international stage and, to be honest, I felt honored when chosen. I knew one day I would reach this stage so I am super grateful to Netflix for giving us the platform. It’s really huge to be a part of this project. It really gives me hope to be able to continue protecting my dreams. I’m excited to see the viewers’ reaction. Netflix gave us this stage which is the first step towards something greater.”

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