Who Is Amit Tandon? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

He's multi-talented.

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Since Comedians of the World on Netflix premiered, viewers have gotten the chance to watch 30-minute stand-up routines from 47 comics. The comedians featured come from countries all over the globe, including the UK, the Middle East, Canada, Australia, and everywhere in between. The topics cover everything from racism to sexism to homophobia, and each comic gives us a unique perspective on what life is like where they live.


And for Amit Tandon, that’s exactly what he’s best at. This comedian tells stories on stage about marriage, the middle class, and current affairs. His humor has been described as universal, meaning he reaches all audiences, no matter their age or race. And as such, his videos have gone viral with over 50 million views alone! That’s incredibly impressive.

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But don’t take our word for it — see for yourself. In the meantime, just who is Amit Tandon? Here are five details to know about how he got his start, as well as his personal life.


1. He’s from India.

Tandon was born in Patiala, but grew up in Chandigarh, Punchkula, and Delhi.

2. He has college degrees.



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Before getting into comedy, Tandon obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He then spent the next ten years working for global organizations in operations and business development roles. In addition, he was a Convener for Executive Recruiters Association.


3. He eventually made a career in stand-up.



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While working for a consulting firm, he decided to get back into comedy, which was an old hobby and interest of his. He launched a company, Grandmasters of Comedy, which focused on “bringing comedy to the corporate world.”

He’s since performed over 1,200+ shows throughout India, and 50 international shows in the US, UK, London, Melbourne, Thailand, and Singapore. He’s performed at festivals, including the Jaspal Bhatti Humor Festival, with the Wadali Brothers, and Geeta & Babita Fogat.

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4. And he’s appeared on television.

Known as Amit the Comic, he's appeared on CEO's Got Talent, and was the first comedian featured on NDTV's Rising Stars of Comedy. In addition, he's appeared in Comedy Dangal, hosted the New Year Show on Doordarshan in 2014, and hosted Sannu Ki for a year with Savita Bhatti. 

5. He's a husband and father.



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Tandon is married to his wife, Sonal Tandon, and they have two children, a daughter and a son.

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