Who Is Hugo El Cojo Feliz? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

He's from Mexico.

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If Comedians of the World on Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that comedy comes in many forms. No matter your age or race, all you need to do is be human to enjoy laughing, and that’s exactly what the series has given viewers. Whether you’re watching one of the specials from comedians who hail from Germany, India, Australia, or anywhere in between, laughter is universal. And luckily, you can watch all 47 specials with subtitles!


One comedian who has turned his pain into joy is Hugo El Cojo Feliz. A comic from Mexico, he’s given his audiences the gift of laughter. And once you plop your butt on the couch and watch his routine, you’ll understand why he’s so loved in his country. In the meantime, just who is Hugo El Cojo Feliz? Here are five things to know about his personal life and career.

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1. He’s had a great stand-up career.



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Since getting into comedy, El Cojo Feliz has done live shows and tours. He’s toured with Héctor Suárez Gomís in cities like Villahermosa, Guadalajara, Morelia, and Tijuana. He’s also toured with René Franco to Mexicali, Ensenada, Acapulco, and Cuevón Pericoapa. In addition, he’s done shows with Roberto Andrade C., Alejandro Salazar, Gonzalo Curiel, and Mauricio Jalife.


He’s performed at multiple festivals, including Marvin Festival, the International Festival of Caracol, and Carpa Casa Comedy in the Vive Latino.

2. He’s also been on television.

He’s been featured on Es de Noche y Llegue, Unicable Héctor Suarez Roast, the Comedy Central Latin America Stand Up Without Borders, Comedy Central Latin America Stand Up Olympics, Comedy Central Latin America Stand Up, District Comedy Platanito Show, Telehit, Drunk History: El Lado Borroso De La Historia, and Bar Central.

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3. And he’s been featured in magazines.



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El Cojo Feliz was in Playboy Magazine’s “10 stand-up comedians to watch out for,” and Chilango Magazine’s “best stand-up comedians in the city.” How’s that for accomplishment?


4. He currently has a podcast.

It’s called La Hora Feliz, which he hosts with fellow comedian Roberto Andrade. Dubbing themselves as “lame man” and “fat man,” they discuss not-so-serious issues on Tuesdays at midnight.

5. He’s a cancer survivor.



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El Cojo Feliz is known to perform with a cane, but it’s not a schtick. When he was 21 years old, he had knee cancer. He makes his survival part of his routines, talking about how his mood worsened after his diagnosis and how it affected his family. He decided to start making jokes to relieve some tension and lighten the mood.

“Stand-up gives you the advantage of being the carrier [of the suffering] and developing from there. People may laugh that they are not the ones who are suffering. Although, everyone has their own cancer,” he said.


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