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Who Is Rawsan Hallak? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

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who is Rawsan Hallak

While we’ve seen a vast variety of comics on Comedians of the World on Netflix, there’s still room for viewers to learn more about what life is like in different areas of the globe. The series features 47 comedians from around the world (which is obvious from the title), including the Netherlands, Australia, India, Canada, and South Africa. Netflix has even offered subtitles for the routines that aren’t in English.

And one comedian who stands out is Rawsan Hallak, a Middle Eastern comic whose stand-up focuses on issues that affect women. But she’s not just a hijab-wearing funny woman; she’s much more. So, just who is Rawsan Hallak? Here are five things to know about her personal life, how she got her start, and what it’s like being a female comedian.

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1. She’s from the Middle East.

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Hallak is from Jordan. That's not something we see very often, don't you think?

2. She wasn’t going to be a comedian.

In fact, Hallak was pursuing a different career. “I was really nerdy in school. I studied civil engineering, and I was such a good student, to the point that my teachers are getting in touch on social media now saying, ‘Why did we never see this side of you? It turns out you’re funny!’” she said in an interview.

3. She’s always been into performance.

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According to Hallak, she’s had a knack for the stage since she was a little girl. Her interests eventually developed into a full-time stand-up career.

“I’ve been in theatre since I was a kid. I used to run to the school radio so I can grab the microphone and speak. Then it turned serious, and I started acting in plays and winning awards. In 2013, I decided to enter the realm of stand-up comedy on YouTube. After that, I would do live and recorded sets,” she recalled.

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4. Her family is extremely supportive.

When she decided to pursue stand-up comedy, she had to face her parents. Eventually, though, they came to embrace her choice.

She remembers, “My dad was a civil engineer, and I wouldn’t say it was by force, but he really wanted me to study the same thing, so that’s why I entered civil engineering, to make his dream come true. He wanted me to do comedy and engineering side-by-side, and I used to work from day until night doing both. But now my parents are big fans and big supporters — the whole family is.”

5. She has a lot to say about being an Arab comedian.

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It’s not something you see very often, that’s for sure, especially considering that she performs in the Middle East, where women are often considered less-than. But she has no problem talking about the issues plaguing women and how it’s shaped her routines.

“It’s not easy to be an Arab female comedian, but it sends a strong message, because generally speaking, we don’t have the confidence to put ourselves out there and share our thoughts and opinions, but so far the response from my audiences has been good... I like to focus on stories and issues that involve women, such as the latest fashion trends,” she said.

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