Who Is Rayen Panday? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

He's currently on tour.

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Since Comedians of the World on Netflix premiered on January 1st, viewers have been able to gain a unique point of view from the 47 featured comics. And they aren’t just comedians from North America; the series has stand-up routines from comics hailing from the Middle East, France, Australia, India, and Mexico, among others. But even if you don’t understand any other languages, Netflix offers subtitles, so you can still enjoy the comedy styles you may not otherwise know about.


And one comic featured in the series is Rayen Panday, who is currently touring in the Netherlands, where he is originally from. According to his biography, “He describes everything as it is, but in a phenomenal way.” Well, that’s one way to illustrate your talents.

But who is Rayen Panday? Whether or not you’ve heard of him, here are a few details about his personal life and career.

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1. He’s from Holland.

Panday was born and raised in Zaandam, a city in Holland. He initially was studying law, but left to pursue comedy, one of his long-time passions.


2. He’s been doing comedy since 2008.


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That’s when he did his first open mic! He’d always wished to have a career in comedy, and finally got his chance when he was approached to audition for the Student Cabaret Festival, winning the Personality Award in the finals.

Soon after his first open mic, he began performing more often. He began doing theater in 2011, resulting in his first one-man show, which had performances throughout Holland. And since 2010, he’s been a permanent member of the Comedy Café in Amsterdam, and is a member of Comedytrain. He’s also performed at festivals like Lowlands and Paaspop.

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Panday performs cabaret as well, and has had multiple shows, including Drie Keer Raye from 2011-2013, Acquittal from 2014-2015, and Do Not Tell Tales from 2016-2017. He’s currently touring with his fourth, Phenomenon.

3. He’s had international success.


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He’s performed in both Dutch and English, and has traveled to Denmark, Belgium, India, France, Curacao, Aruba, Indonesia, Thailand the United States, and Estonia.

4. And he’s been featured on television and radio.


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He’s appeared as guests on TV and radio programs, including Can I Kiss You?, The Comedy Factory, The Smartest Man, The National 2017 Test, The Table of Language, Alpacas, In goed gezelschap, and his own show, Rayen Panday: Vrijspraak.


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