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New Details About 'The Bachelor' Contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes — Including Her History With Fellow Contestant Hannah Brown

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Who Is Caelynn Miller-Keyes? New Details Bachelor Contestant Colton Underwood Hannah Brown

We're only two episodes into this season of The Bachelor, and there already are a few feuds worth following. 

In last week's episode, contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes got some screentime for her alleged feud with fellow contestant Hannah Brown. Both of the women ran the pageant circle prior to coming on The Bachelor, and apparently, have some unfinished business to discuss. 

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Caelynn, a 23-year-old Virginia native, is one of the many bachelorettes competing for Colton Underwood's love this season, hoping to steal his heart one episode at a time. 

She revealed to Colton on the show's Jan.7 premiere that an ex-boyfriend recently broke her heart in Thailand. As of now, she is looking for a "dedicated and loyal guy," an insider close to the contestant told Life & Style earlier this month.

It's too early to tell if Caelynn will walk away from The Bachelor's 23rd season with the final rose, so in the meantime let's get to know Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

1. She is well-educated.


According to her Bachelor profile, Caelynn earned a degree in broadcast journalism from Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where she works as a social media consultant.

2. She was Colton's first kiss on the show.


Caelynn clearly caught Colton's eye when she wore her Miss North Carolina sash, which also said "Miss Underwood." Her bold move landed her Colton's first kiss on the show and received the second rose during the premiere.

3. She was Miss North Carolina 2018.

Caelynn was awarded the title Miss North Carolina in 2018 and went on to compete for Miss USA that same year. Although she didn't win, she was named First Runner-Up. 

She fully supported Sarah Rose Summers, who was crowned Miss USA 2018, an even called Sarah her best friend.

4. She suffered from a life-threatening illness as a child.

Miss USA

Caelynn's Miss USA bio says that she suffered from a life-threatening illness when she was young and was only given a 10 percent chance of walking. She beat the illness and seems to have healed well.

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5. She is a sexual assault survivor.


In her "Meet Miss North Carolina" video, Caelynn revealed she was sexually assaulted at a fraternity house by two men she had known for a long time her sophmore in college. Now, she advocates for sexual assault survivors.

"As a survivor, she is a dedicated advocate for sexual assault prevention by speaking to high school and college students about the importance of consent," her Miss USA bio says.

6. She is an avid traveler.


In her intro video, Caelynn said she loves to travel because she gets to "meet new people"  and "experience new things."

"I'm happiest when I'm traveling," she said. "I kind of travel for a living now."

The Bachelor contestant has even traveled for love! She once flew to Japan for a first date, according to her profile.

7. She knew fellow bachelorette Hannah Brown prior to The Bachelor.

Caelynn and Hannah Brown, 23, competed together for the Miss USA title last year. Althought the two were roommates during the competition, Caelynn said they are not exactly on good terms. According to Caelynn, Hannah "kind of snapped" when she was named First Runner-up and they had a huge falling-out.

“We’re not necessarily the best of friends,” Caelynn said. “We were roommates at Miss USA. We were super close, and then she wasn’t happy that I was first runner-up. She was mad that she didn’t place, for sure. There were a lot of hurt feelings.”

Hannah apparently has a beef with Caelyn, too. She called her ex-rommie "fake."

“It’s just so funny because there’s not one person in the world that I have a problem with, except her,” Hannah said. “It totally scares me for Colton.” 

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