14 Best Easter Memes Of All Time

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It's Easter! Time to stock up on Peeps that no one will ever eat and bags of Hershey's kisses!

It's a day to spend with your family and take cute Instagram pictures (thanks to social media), and really reflect on what this day is all about. But if you're the jokester in your group, we've compiled our favorite Easter memes that are bound to get a couple of laughs in your group chats during the holiday.

So, sit back, relax, crack open an Easter egg and enjoy the ride with the best Easter memes of 2020. 

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1. All my peeps

A classic. You can't have Easter without this candy. Do you even know anyone who eats these things?

2. Bunny ears

Poor rabbits got the bad end of this joke when we started doing bunny ears. Be nice to all the bunnies you see this year.

3. Chocolate rabbits

Which end of the rabbit do you normally eat first? You'll definitely get your chocolate fix with one of these.

4. Petty eggs

We all know that one egg that just has to rain on everyone's parade. Don't be a spoiled egg, empower one another!

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5. Everything is lost

This meme sinks a little too deep to the core. It's not our fault mom is always rearranging things and we can't find them!

6. Dirty jokes

Send this one to the dirty one in your friend group and you'll surely get a laugh.

7. The truth comes out

The logic in this Easter meme is uncanny. Unless the Easter Bunny leaves you actual gifts, don't eat the candy!

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8. Atheist friends

You know you have a good friend when they drink for your holiday. Now, who wants another drink?

9. Therapist chats

I feel like I've felt how this chocolate bunny is feeling before. Chocolate bunnies have feelings too!

10. Bring me the wine

But really? Can we have adult Easter egg hunts with wine and maybe a little bit of money? Is that too much to ask?

11. A bunny's life

Man, a bunny's life is so simple am I right? Just hang out with your friends, hump your mate, and sleep all day.

12. Hunger Games

It's always been a life or death situation when the Easter bunny hides the Easter eggs. At a certain point, it's not even about what's in the egg but how many more eggs you get than your friends and family.

13. Baby chicken

Isn't this what we all secretly hoped for as children? That if we somehow kept all of our eggs, our mom wouldn't find out and a baby bird would hatch.

14. Eggs on her

Poor Peter, got himself into some hot water. In his defense, how is that chick carrying those huge eggs?

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