The Masked Singer Spoilers: Who Is The Deer?

The next reveal on the Masked Singer is coming.

The Masked Singer Spoilers! Who Is The Deer? instagram

The Masked Singer spoilers! The Masked Singer is the latest hit celebrity talent competition on Fox. The twist on this is that everyone performs with their faces hidden by elaborate masks. Well, elaborate costumes. The performers all look like wild sports mascots who can sing.

A panel of four judges, consisting of Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, all watch the singers and have to guess their identities before they're unmasked. They’re working off performance styles and clues that each singer drops about their personality and career.


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So far, four singers have been unmasked. Judges thought they were going to see Shaqille O’Neill when the Hippo’s mask came off but it was Steeler’s receiver Antonio Brown instead. When ti came time for the Pineapple to show his face, the popular guess was Jim Carrey. But Carrey’s ex Jenny McCarthy knew better: she figured out that it was Tommy Chong on stage. 

When it was the Poodle's turn to unmask itself, the judges were all way off guessing from Kathy Griffin to Jillian Michaels. But they discovered that it was Margret Cho!

But who is the Deer on The Masked Singer? Well, the answer has finally been revealed! Read below and see if you can guess who it is before finding out the celebrity behind the mask. And you can and check out our guesses about the Alien, the Raventhe Peacock and the Monster.


1. Clues

The Deer video drops a giant hint when the Deer poses with a football trophy. Other hints pointed towards a football player, such as the Deer mentioning being knocked down many times and referencing being very competitive.

Calls of “Ravens beware” and talk of the wild, wild west leave the clues a bit confusing, however. In episode 3, he revealed that his athletic abilities included track and field and horses. 

2. Judge guesses

The judges weren’t all sold on the idea of a football player. Robin Thicke thought it might be wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Jenny McCarthy went with MMA fighter Chuck Liddell. Nicole Scherzinger guessed Peyton Manning. 


In the latest episode, many of the judges were still confused on who could be under the mask, until Robin noticed the way the Deer laughed with his shoulders, saying how he watches Terry Bradshaw does the same exact thing on Fox's NFL Sunday.

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3. Other guesses

The internet has no doubt that we were seeing a football player under the Deer mask. Popular guesses included Eric Decker, Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, and John Elway.

4. The best guess

The best guess was Terry Bradshaw. A ubiquitous name in football since he helmed the Steelers as their QB starting in 1970, that explains the “Ravens beware” slogan since the Ravens and Steelers are longtime rivals. And it’s true that Bradshaw is so associated with football that no one would think of him as a singer.


Do you think the Deer is Terry Bradshaw?


5. The reveal

If you guessed it, you're right! It's Terry Bradshaw!

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