Who Is Hillevi Saperstein? New Details About David Saperstein's Wife And Former Nanny Who Mysteriously Disappeared While On Vacation

She was the nanny turned wife.

Who Is Hillevi Saperstein? New Details About David Saperstein's Wife And Former Nanny Who Mysteriously Disappeared While On Vacation Instagram

Former radio station owner and current tree farmer David Saperstein and his family are dealing with a sudden tragedy. While on vacation in Anguilla with his third wife Hillevi and their six-year-old twins Makenna and Ethan, Hillevi passed away suddenly and mysteriously. The Royal Anguilla Police Service responded to a call and confirmed that they had a person who died in their custody. It was Hillevi Saperstein. David and the kids left Anguilla on Sunday and returned to their Malibu home.  But who is Hillevi Saperstein and how did she die?


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1. The nanny

David Saperstein was married to Suzanne, a Swedish philanthropist for 23 years. He had divorce papers served to her in Texas on a stopover on her way from California to Europe. They had three children: Jonathan, Alexis, and Stefanie. Hillevi was the couple's Swedish nanny. David left Suzanne for Hillevi in 2003.



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2. Her mother's statement

Hillevi's mother Lisbeth Ericson wrote on Facebook, “Completely unbelievable. You were my sunshine. You were so loving and caring. You wanted us all well. I don’t want to believe it’s true, beloved Hillevi.” She posted a second time, writing, “Loved Hillevi, the cards are taken on us a few days before I went to Sweden. My beloved grandchildren Makenna and Ethan have lost their mother, but I will do everything I can and tell you about her raised. My daughter is gone completely incomprehensible. Hillevi you will be with me every day."



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3. Tributes on social media

Hillevi's social media accounts are filled with condolences. A person wrote on her Facebook page, “The most beautiful, the lovingest mother, the kindest person, …always in our hearts.” A second friend wrote, “Our thoughts are with you and your family and friends. RIP.”



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4. How did she die?

Rumor has it that Hillevi had a procedure done for veneers last year. Her mouth became infected and she has had medical problems over the past year as a result of that procedure. She was just 45 years old.



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5. Mom and stepmom

In addition to her own twins, Hillevi was stepmom to David's kids. David was married twice before Hillevi and had two kids with his first wife, Phyllis Grief: Michelle Saperstein Coppola and Jennifer Saperstein Kalapoutis. He had three children with his second wife Suzanne: Jonathan was born in  1987, Alexis was born in 1988, and Stefanie was born in 1990. Hillevi was their nanny.

We'll continue to update this story as it unfolds.


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