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Who Is Aja Volkman? New Details About Dan Reynolds' Estranged Wife And The Status Of Their Marriage

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Who Is Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds' Wife? New Details About Aja Volkman And Their Marriage

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds and wife Aja Volkman have decided to give their love a second try!

Fans of the Imagine Dragons singer were excited to learn the news after his wife revealed through Instagram that the formerly estranged couple would be reconciling their marriage. Volkman disclosed that she and Reynolds are "working on rebuilding" their relationship. The couple had previously been separated since April 2018. 

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However, Volkman shares a history with the singer that stretches even farther back. They were first married in 2011 and they share three children.

Who is Aja Volkman? Here are some details about Dan Reynolds' wife and what's really going on with their marriage.

1. Volkman is a singer, too.

Volkman was the lead vocalist for a 3-person band called Nico Vega. The indie rock band formed in 2005 and went on a hiatus in 2016.

 In an interview, Volkman explained how the band came to be. "I was doing mainly my own singer/songwriter thing in Eugene. When I went to college when I was like 18, that’s when I tried forming my first band. I met these art students and was like, ‘Let’s start a band.’ So we started to mess around. I didn’t have experience doing it… Then I went to Portland and that’s where I started my first official rock band where we played shows."

The band has released two albums and has toured and performed with big names such as Gavin Rossdale, No Doubt, and Blondie.

2. She met Reynolds while on tour.

Although Nico Vega eventually began opening for Imagine Dragons, it was originally the other way around. Volkman and Reynolds actually met in 2010 when his band Imagine Dragons opened for Nico Vega in Las Vegas.

In a 2013 interview, Volkman revealed what it was like meeting the singer for the first time.

"I was kind of at a place in my life where I thought, 'This guy is so cute, but I’m not really interested in meeting anybody right now.' But we really just fell in love, and about a year later we ended up getting married and then we had a baby. It was probably one of the greatest nights of my life, because I met somebody who just made perfect sense to me, and I think I made perfect sense to him."

3. Volkman and Reynolds also have their own band together.

In 2011, the couple started a side project together and formed their own indie rock duo. They named their group Egyptian and independently released an EP of the same name. 

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4. Volkman converted to Mormonism at her 2011 wedding to Reynolds.

The couple have been married since 2011. They held the union in the backyard of Reynolds' parents home. During the ceremony, Volkman converted to her new husband's religion. She even once spoke out on her decision to convert. “And I felt fine about it. Except for the gay rights.” she stated.

However, some of Volkman's closest friends, who were a lesbian couple, wouldn't attend her wedding due to the religion's anti-LGBTQ rights. 

5. They have three children together.

The couple has three girls. Their oldest is Arrow, who's 5. They also welcomed twin daughters in 2017 named Gia James and Coco Rae.

In September 2018, Reynolds reportedly told People how his divorce with Volkman had affected their children. “I have three little girls and this year for my family has been kind of a difficult year for personal and emotional reasons and just going through that and watching the effect on my girls has been very hard for me.”

6. They separated in April 2018.

In April of last year, Reynolds announced through his Twitter that he and Volkman decided to separate after seven years together. The singer also asked fans to "respect our privacy as we work through this as a family."

The singer opened up about his marriage to Ellen Degeneres, saying that his absence due to touring put a strain on their relationship. 

Volkman released her own statement through Instagram writing that, “All that I can say is that I am so grateful to have these three girls. I am grateful for all the abundance I have experienced with Dan. I am grateful that long ago we met in a casino when our dreams were big and full of optimism. Life doesn’t always go as planned, but to live is a blessing.”    

7. Volkman announced their reconciliation in January 2019.


A post shared by Aja Volkman (@ajavolkman) on Jan 8, 2019 at 9:03am PST

On January 8, 2019, Volkman officially confirmed the couple's reconciliation through her Instagram. She wrote that she was "proud" of Reynolds and that the estranged pair is working on "rebuilding" their marriage. 

However, there were several hints before Volkman's official post that indicated the former couple were giving things another shot. In November 2018, a source close to the pair reportedly told US Weekly that they were working on repairing their relationship. “Dan and Aja are trying to work things out,” the source stated.

In addition, both Reynolds and Volkman themselves fueled the speculation. They've been dropping plenty of hints through their social media recently. 

During his acceptance speech at the Hollywood Film Awards in early November 2018, the vocalist thanked Volkman while on stage. Volkman also teased the couple reconciling with a blurry New Year's Instagram photo of the couple kissing captioned, "Happy New Year! And the blurriest confirmation that 2019 is at least getting off to a good start."

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