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Who Is Caroline Bedol? Tragic Details About Her Suicidal Tweet And Legal Troubles

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Sad New Details About 'Below Deck's' Caroline Bedol's Suicidal Tweet And Legal Troubles

Below Deck's Caroline Bedol may appear okay and active on Instagram, but recently scared her friends and family through a tweet.

Radar Online reported on Jan. 9 that shortly following a distressing tweet the Below Deck star posted on Dec. 9, 2018, family requested a welfare check on her.

Officer Vidal Gonez of the Southhold Town Police department said the tweet, which has since been deleted, said “I’m depressed, I’m not ok, it’s over, not going to be around.” The Westport Police Department then contacted the Bravo star, who told them she was okay.

Gonez said Bedol “mentioned being on Below Deck and said she was kicked off a yacht in Thailand.”

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While Bedol's Instagram bio pokes fun at the situation ("you can catch me on Twitter for more conduct that just screams '5150!'" it says), the reality TV star is facing many issues with the show, the network, and the law. Evidently, they have taken a toll on her personal life.

Her personal life, however, was already problematic, long before she started on the show.

1. Her mother went missing two times and threatened suicide.

In September 2013, Bedol’s mother Patricia went missing. She left notes in an abandoned rental car for her children, with indications she “may intend to harm herself” and burial requests.

Radar quoted her notes as saying “Please forgive me — I never wanted to hurt you. Remember me for my ability to care and love you all. I’m tired of running. Please cremate me I do not want a funeral.” Patricia was found alive a day later at a hotel after being entered into a Massachusetts police department as an endangered missing person.

More recently, Caroline had issues with her mother throughout 2017, starting in May with reported fights. In Nov. 2017, an anonymous friend of Patricia said she had not heard from Caroline’s mother in weeks. The friend was especially concerned because of issues between the mother and daughter.

In December of that year, Caroline reported her mother missing to the police after Patricia had not returned home from work. Caroline told them her mother had “been exhibiting paranoia behavior” in the weeks before she went missing, and was not using her cell phone. Patricia was found later that month; she told police she was out of town for work.

On the show, Caroline has shed tears over her mother, who has “really onset” dementia (and yes — that is a direct quote, not a typo).


#gratitude by #belowdeck OH NO JERRY GOT CROPPED OUT

A post shared by @ carolinebedol on Nov 7, 2018 at 7:53pm PST

2. Bedol had a violent domestic fight with her brother, leading to his arrest.

Caroline’s family issues extend to her brother as well. In Feb. 2017, Joshua Bedol became violent after he allegedly went to their family home in Westport, CT and found Caroline still there; she had not yet been evicted by their mother.

According to a report, Joshua was arrested for “disorderly conduct, criminal mischief in the third degree and interfering with a 911 call.” The report listed his actions in the fight, which included “yelling” at Caroline and threatening “to break everything in the house” if a second victim involved in the fight did not help pack up his things. Caroline then reportedly “locked herself in her bedroom” out of fear; Joshua “kicked the door,” which cracked. At one point during the fight, Caroline took out her phone to call the police, but Joshua then “took [it] away.”

The document reported that the brother and sister “admittedly have a very bad relationship.”

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3. Bedol has attacked her own employer on social media.

She was not allowed on Below Deck’s reunion show after an online rant against Bravo in late Nov. 2018. Bedol took to Facebook and Instagram to comment on Bravo’s Facebook post about Below Deck Mediterranean’s Bugsy Drake and her new hair color.

She cursed out the network through a comment on her Facebook page, along with a screenshot of it on her Instagram. The Instagram post has since been deleted.



A post shared by @ carolinebedol on Dec 6, 2018 at 6:03pm PST

4. The police have a warrant for her arrest over a dog attack.

Bedol’s pitbull reportedly attacked another man’s Australian shepherd on the night of May 15, 2018. Not only was the dog “not on a leash or under control,” but the man said the pitbull had attacked his dog once before.

Police found Bedol’s dog was unlicensed. She was thus charged with possession of a vicious, barking dog and failure to comply with dog ownership requirements.


#belowdeck #bullybreed #phishin

A post shared by @ carolinebedol on Oct 28, 2018 at 10:44pm PDT

Bedol missed the hearing in September for the case, and then her mandatory court appearance in late October of 2018. The warrant for her arrest was issued on Oct. 26.

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