Who Is Brad Pitt's Mom? New Details About Jane Pitt — Plus Why She's Feuding With Angelina Jolie

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Who is Brad Pitt's Mom? New Details About Jane Pitt — Plus Why She's Feuding With Angelina Jolie
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Don't mess with Brad's mama.

Brad Pitt has not been having an easy go of it. His divorce and child custody battle with Angelina Jolie has been filled with bitterness, high drama and it has dragged on and on and on. The good thing is that Brad has one woman in his life he can count on: his mama, Jane Pitt. Apparently, Brad's mom Jane has not been happy with her former daughter-in-law, Angelina Jolie for a long time. A source close to the family revealed to Radar, “Jane is a tough cookie, and she will never forgive Angelina for what she’s put the family through — especially since they’ve barely seen the kids since the divorce was announced." Well that's not cool keeping the grandkids from their grandma but let's face it, this is Angelina Jolie and almost any stunt she pulls is hardly surprising. Who is Brad Pitt's mom and what are the details in her feud with Angelina Jolie? 

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1. She will never forgive her

Jane Pitt reportedly blames Angelina for ruining her son's life and will never forgive her for treating him in a cruel and manipulative way. Pitt barely has a relationship with his kids ever since he and Angie split and his mom is not letting that go. 

2. She doesn't buy Angelina's doting mom act

Publicly, Angelina portrays herself as a doting mom. However, behind the scenes the Oscar winner has another side. According to an insider, Angie wants the kids all to herself and she's being really vindictive. “She’s losing her grip on reality. Her anger and selfishness are getting the better of her. She’s even called people in her camp at 2 a.m. to rant.”

3. Grandma wants to intervene

Jane Pitt is ready to give Angelina a piece of her mind, but her son doesn't want her to meddle.“Brad’s had to beg his mom not to jump on a plane to confront Angie numerous times, but she wants to look her in the eye and give a piece of her mind. She blames her for her ruining her son’s life and wants answers,” according to an insider.

4. Pricey divorce

When all is said and done, Brad Pitt could be out as much as $100 million when all the details of the divorce and custody of their children are worked out. That can't sit well with Mama Pitt, either. 

5. Not confirmed

While we are sure that Jane Pitt does support her son through his divorce and child custody battle, we cannot verify that these reports of her wanting to confront Angelina are true. But you can assume that if Brad has been being kept from his kids, grandma has been too and that's enough to raise the ire of a grandparent. 

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