Sad New Details About Why Gianna Hammer And Hayden Parker Weaver Broke Up Just Months After Giving Birth To A Son

Their son was born in August 2018.

Sad New Details About Why Gianna Hammer And Hayden Parker Weaver Broke Up Just Months After Giving Birth To A Son getty

How many of MTV’s Are You The One couples are still together? The answer has officially lessened by at least one.

Though the reality TV show revolves around young men and women who openly admit to “sucking at relationships,” a few couples from the show have exceeded expectations and managed to keep their relationships together.

One such couple was Gianna Hammer and Hayden Parker Weaver from Are You The One Season 5, who remained in a relationship after filming for their season ended despite being a confirmed “no match” couple.


However, it appears the show’s relationship experts were correct in deeming Hammer and Weaver a “no match.” Despite being in a relationship for two years and welcoming a son together, the two announced in January 2019 that they’ve broken up.

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“For 2019 I want to start fresh and let go of all of the stress I’ve been holding in,” Hammer wrote on an Instagram post, revealing that she “was not happy with the way situations were handled and how some things played out.”

While Hammer didn’t go into detail about what these “situations” were, it’s speculated that she was talking about parenting.

Weaver also posted about the breakup, but also kept their reasoning hush hush.


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“We prefer to keep the details private, as we don’t want to drag this transition out,” he wrote on Instagram.

In February 2018, Hammer and Weaver announced that they were unexpectedly expecting a child together.


“This came as a big surprise to us and am I nervous...but I’m super super excited to grow this little bean into a cute lil mini me (or mini Hayden),” Hammer wrote at the time. The AYTO alum even predicted that Weaver was “born to be a dad” — however, it appears their parenting styles may have clashed in the end.

Hammer and Weaver welcomed their son August in, well, August of 2018, which may have put a strain on their relationship.

Based on the former couple’s Instagram posts, it seems that Hammer was the one to pull the trigger on a breakup.

She wrote, “I promise I am okay and happy with this decision,” while Weaver admitted to being emotional because he is “sad that [their] chapter together has closed.”


Though the two may not be together romantically anymore, they’ve committed to co-parenting August.

“Odds are, you will probably still see us post together now and then as we don’t have any bitter hatred towards each other,” Weaver wrote.

Hammer agreed, writing, “Hayden will always be a great friend to me and we will continue to co parent August in a happy and healthy environment.”


Though Hammer and Weaver are officially over, love isn’t totally dead. There are still a few Are You The One couples that are still together. Most notably, Season 1 perfect match couple Ethan and Amber Diamond, who married in 2014 and have since had two children together.

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