Who Is C.T. From The Challenge's Wife? 4 New Details About Their Secretive Relationship And Details About Their Wedding

Who's his secretive girlfriend?

Who Is C.T. From The Challenge’s Girlfriend? 4 New Details About Lilianet Solares And Their Rumored Engagement the ashley

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge know that Chris “C.T.” Tamburello is one of the (if not the single most, sorry Bananas) most iconic competitors in Challenge history.

For a majority of C.T.’s Challenge career, he was synonymous with the late Diem Brown thanks to their on-and-off relationship and perhaps reality TV’s best love story — it’s even rumored CT proposed to Brown before she died. After Brown’s untimely passing due to cancer, C.T. took some time off from competing.


When he returned for season 29 of The Challenge, C.T. revealed that he had a son, Chris Jr.

However, being a rather private reality star, he left out one big detail: who is C.T.’s girlfriend? C.T has finally opened up about his now-wife Lilianet Solares — so much though that C.T.'s wedding special is airing on MTV showcasing the couple's personal life leading up to their wedding.


“Me and Lili are proud of this chapter of our life and don’t want to hide it,” C.T. told Hollywood Life about their decision to air the wedding. “I want to be more open about it. Now that I’m older, I’m starting a new chapter, and I’m very proud and want to share it with everybody.”

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Here’s what we know about their relationship.

1. They probably met in Florida.

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When C.T. returned to The Challenge, he explained that he moved to Florida during his hiatus from the show. “I’m a real estate investor in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s crazy,” he told Screener in 2016. I tried to stay busy while I was in my little fog (after Diem passed) and when the dust settled, I took steps to move forward, not move on — I think there’s a difference. According to Empire BBK, Solares is from Cape Coral, which is one town over from Fort Myers.

2. They’re private about their relationship.


The Cabernet Couple and The Denim Duo spotted at Tao last night! #twinsies #vegas

A post shared by CT (@_famous4nothing) on Nov 24, 2017 at 5:57pm PST

Neither C.T. nor Solares flaunt their relationship and private lives through social media, which is the opposite from most stars today. While C.T. shares photos of their son on Instagram every now and again and has shared at least one photo of him and Solares, Solares’ Instagram is private.

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3. They have a son together — and maybe more.

Photo: Heavy

When he returned for The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, C.T. revealed that he had a son in 2017 — and his son is the reason why he decided to return to MTV. “I never thought I was gonna do another show, I thought I was done and I didn’t care anymore,” he said about his thoughts about The Challenge after Brown’s death. “The main reason I came back, I know there’s going to come a time where he’s going to see me on TV. I want him to see me as I am today, and not some punk running around with his head cut off, smashing heads, you know,”

C.T. occasionally shares photos of their son on Instagram, and Heavy.com has images of Solares with their son.


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, C.T. may have let it slip that he has more than one kid. When asked whether he feels as though he’s too old for the show, the Challenge champ responded, “Yeah, all the time. I’ll think to myself, ‘I miss my kids.’” Yes, plural.

4. They might be engaged — and getting their own show.

The Ashley reported that C.T. proposed to Solares in July 2018, and fans might get to see the wedding via an MTV special. “That’s why he’s been training so hard–to get rid of his ‘Dad Bod’ by the wedding,” a source told The Ashley.

C.T. may have confirmed this himself (in a very roundabout way, of course) in his Rolling Stone interview. “My private life? Stay tuned,” he said. “I’m sure you guys are going to get an in-depth look at what my life is like outside the show. You’ll see.”


If it’s true, we can’t wait!

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