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Who Is Sharina Hudson? New Details & Rumors About Wendy Williams' Husband's Alleged Pregnant Mistress

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Who Is Sharina Hudson? New Details About Wendy Williams' Husband's Alleged Mistress

Who is Sharina Hudson? New rumors suggest the woman may be Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter's longtime mistress.

Williams celebrated the tenth anniversary of her eponymous television show in 2018. The year before, she celebrated 20 years of marriage with Kevin Hunter, who jointly owns a production company with her.

Based on an anecdote she told Conan O’Brien on his show in 2016, her marriage was strong: her teenage son had even walked in on her and her husband getting intimate.

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She said she hadn’t yet broached the subject of the episode with her son, but told O'Brien, “if we ever do have [the conversation], I’m gonna lead with, ‘Well, at least your mother and father love each other,’ which is more than I can say for some of the kids that you’re growing up with. So enjoy that.”

Recent rumors, however, may suggest otherwise. There may be another woman in Hunter’s life.

Sharina Hudson has been seen with Hunter often enough to attract attention — and deeper investigations have revealed interesting ties between the two.

1. Hudson and Hunter have reportedly been together for over 10 years.

Daily Mail has been following the alleged relationship between Hunter, 46, and Hudson, 32, for over a year. In 2016, they learned that Hunter was spending a lot of time at a condo in Fort Lee, New Jersey, 30 miles away from his and Williams’ home in Livingston, New Jersey. Hudson was listed as a resident in the condo since 2015, though public records show Hunter has owned the property in 2004.

A source told Daily Mail of Hunter and Williams’ relationship, “Kevin runs the show in their marriage and Wendy never questions him on where he’s been.” The source said Hunter has traveled with Hudson down to the Carolinas, where she has family and friends.

"Kevin and Sharina do go out in public together, there's a steakhouse Kevin likes to go to, but they mainly stay in the house and hang out," a source told Daily Mail. "Kevin isn't a touchy-feely person so you'd never see them kissing or hugging in public and if they ever see anybody she knows the drill, he introduces her as his sister."

2. Hunter reportedly bought Hudson a house near Williams’.

Hudson is no longer 30 miles away. Daily Mail also reported that since February of 2017, Hudson has been living in a suburban home in Morristown, New Jersey. The house is just nine miles away from Hunter and Williams’ mansion. Hunter bought the house nearly two years ago in January 2017.

Hunter has been spotted with Hudson, a massage therapist, out and about in downtown Morristown.

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3. Hudson may be pregnant.

A source told Love B. Scott that Hudson might be pregnant. “She’s allegedly pregnant,” the source said, “and still living just down the street from their house. Word around the show is that they’re going to divorce sometime.”

The source from HollywoodLife vehemently denied a pending divorce.

4. It wouldn’t be the first time Hunter cheated on Williams.

Williams has spoken about her husband’s infidelity before. She wrote about it in her 2001 autobiography, Wendy’s Got the Heat. She found out that same year, shortly after her son had been born, that her husband had been cheating on her.

Though she never thought she’d stay with someone who cheated, she decided to work it out with him. Having that happen in their marriage, then working through it and healing, made their marriage stronger, Williams told Essence in 2013.

5. Williams denies the affair.

Hollywood Life reported from a source that Williams is not appreciative of all the rumors surrounding her marriage and even laughs them off.

“Wendy is happily married and she has no plans to leave or divorce Kevin,” the source said. “Wendy’s marriage with Kevin is as solid as ever. She is laughing at some of the infidelity rumors.”

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