Who Is Jon Yunger? New Details On Corinne Olympios' New Boyfriend

Bachelor runner up Corinne Olympios has a new man. Who is he?

Who Is Jon Yunger? New Details on Corinne Olymipos' Boyfriend Instagram

Bachelor contestant Corrine Olympios has a new man and she’s hoping to be sporting a ring very soon. After losing out on a chance at matrimony on the 21st season of The Bachelor, Olympios has turned her attention to other ventures, including modeling and partnering with brands. She tried to appear on Bachelor in Paradise but that was cut short when a drunken evening turned into an alleged sexual assault. ABC stopped filming the show to investigate what happened with Olymios and DeMario Jackson. 


More recently, Olymios made some waves when she was the target of a prank by Sacha Baron Cohen for his new show Who is America. She took the prank in stride. 

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Now Olympios has been spotted about and about with new love Jon Yunger. The pair has been dating since at least May and Olympios has talked a lot about him in recent interviews. They were spotted in Miami this holiday week and they’re planning to head to Aruba next. 


Who is Jon Yunger? Read on for more.

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1. Trying again

Corinne is known for having come in 4th on the 21st season of The Bachelor, where she competed for Nick Viall’s attention. She wasn’t the one for Nick but she went on to look for love on Bachelor in Paradise. That took a turn when she was allegedly assaulted by DeMario Jackson and filming had to come to a halt.

2. Fix up

After some short-term relationships with realtor Michael Fogel and  Jordan Gielchinsky, Corinne met Yunger through friends sometime earlier this year. She told US Weekly, “We met through friends, which is the best way to meet. 


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3. Not fazed

Jon knew of Corrine’s reality fame but he didn’t let it intimidate him nor did he try to use it as an ice breaker. Corinne says, “He just kept his cool and was feeling me out the same way I was feeling him out.”



A post shared by Jon Yunger (@jon_yunger) on May 13, 2018 at 10:23am PDT

4. Business

Jon’s Instagram bio says he’s an entrepreneur in New York City, though it doesn't list any specific businesses he runs. His whole social media vibe is very low-key.  Corinne makes frequent appearances in his posts and in his comments.



Same city, same friends if you're looking for me.

A post shared by Jon Yunger (@jon_yunger) on May 1, 2018 at 8:34am PDT

5. Supportive

His business acumen May come in handy, Corinne is about to launch a beauty line so having an entrepreneur around for tips will be helpful. She says he’s very supportive of her career in general, gushing "He’s kind and caring and he’s supportive." 

6. Ring shopping?

Corrine is certain that Yunger is “the one” and is hoping he’ll pop the question soon. She tells Page Six “I hint what shape and style I want all the time. I’m like, ‘Okay, this is it!’ He gets a little annoyed with the hints, but he’ll get over it.” 


6. Miami heat

The pair were getting steamy in Miami this week and they have plans to go to Aruba next. Maybe Jon will ring in the new year with a ring for Corrine.



A post shared by Jon Yunger (@jon_yunger) on Dec 26, 2018 at 11:20am PST
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Rebekah Kuschmider has been writing about celebrities, pop culture, entertainment, and politics since 2010. Her work has been seen at Ravishly, Babble, Scary Mommy, The Mid, Redbook online, and The Broad Side. She is the creator of the blog Stay at Home Pundit and she is a cohost of the weekly podcast The More Perfect Union.