8 Signs He's Not That Into You — He's Just Afraid Of Being Alone

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8 Signs He's Not That Into You — He's Just Afraid Of Being Alone
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Do his actions reflect his words?

By Shweta Advani

Have you ever caught yourself around the guy you are with, wondering, "does he like me?" It may be because, despite all the confessions of love he makes (or doesn’t make), his love doesn’t reflect in his actions.

Sometimes when we fall in love, our judgment is clouded by the euphoria of a certain chemical rush in our bodies and brains and we fail to see the obvious that is in front of us.

We all deserve to be with partners that love and respect us wholeheartedly but sometimes we stick around partners who are not that into us because we live in denial or we hope that they will change their ways sometime.

If you stick around in a relationship like that, you are robbing yourself out of the chance to be in a happy, loving and fulfilling relationship.

If this sounds familiar, read on to find out how to tell if a guy likes you — and the signs that he is not that into you as you would like to believe:

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1. You are the one who always makes the first move.

Firstly, men are wired for the chase. If he is interested in you or likes you, he will make every possible effort to pursue you. If he is truly interested in you, he will find a way to talk to you, to reach out to you. It may take some time for him to gather the courage to make the first move, but he will get there eventually.

When you are in a relationship, it is an equal partnership between two people.

If you’re the only one who is chasing him like a celebrity, always making the first move, texting him, calling him, making plans to meet etc, then clearly he is not that into you girl.

2. He doesn’t make any effort to get to know you better.

If someone is interested in you, they would want to get to know you better. They would ask you questions about your hobbies, dreams, and ambitions. They would text you and call you and reach out to you to take the conversation forward.

If you feel the conversation is one-sided and you are the only one who is doing the talking and he is not even interested enough to respond or doesn’t ask any questions, then he is really not worth your time.

3. He treats you like an option.

If you are always adjusting your schedule to meet him and work according to all his priorities and preferences all the time, then he is clearly treating you like an option.

And you should never settle for being an option in anybody’s life.

4. He acts like he doesn’t care.

When he acts like he doesn’t care about you, then you should believe him. If he was genuinely interested in you, he would not act like he doesn’t care. He would make every possible effort to make sure that you know he loves you whether by saying it explicitly or by reflecting that care and affection in his actions.

If he really liked you, he wouldn’t keep you wondering.

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5. He doesn’t express his emotions.

Men are programmed to not express their emotions and portray a tough exterior from their childhood.

But they do have emotions and if they really like someone, they would not be able to hide it for a very long time.

If he is sure that he likes you, he would find a way to let that be known to you. He would not keep things to himself for long and not only that he would make every effort to find out if you like him too.

6. He doesn’t involve you in his life.

In the initial phases of a relationship, the guy may not divulge a lot of his personal life to you.

But as the relationship strengthens, he would want to introduce you to the important people in his life, seek your opinion on decisions concerning his life and let you in his personal life.

If you have been spending quite some time with your guy and he has still not shared anything about his life with you, he is probably not thinking about the long haul with you.

7. He is only concerned about getting his needs met.

People truly reveal themselves through their actions. Sex is a two way street and it should be pleasurable to both the partners.

If he is only concerned about getting his needs met and doesn’t give a hoot about making you feel loved, then you should really question yourself — why are you even spending your time with him?

If he never asks you about your choices and preferences and makes an effort to meet you midway, then you have some serious reflection to do.

You deserve someone who genuinely cares about you and is willing to make efforts to see you happy.

8. He doesn’t ask you out on dates.

If he doesn’t make any effort to take you out on any actual dates and all his plans revolve around Netflix and chill, then that’s all that he is interested in.

If he is not making any effort to take you out on an actual date and getting to know you better, then all that he is really interested is a hook up. He is really not looking for something serious and if you are looking for something serious, then he is definitely not the guy for you.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment in future by sticking around this guy.

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Shweta Advani is an HR consultant by profession, a slam poet, and a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter

This article was originally published at The Mind's Journal. Reprinted with permission from the author.