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Who Is Josh Dun? New Details About Debby Ryan's Fiancé

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Who Is Josh Dun? New Details About Debby Ryan's Fiancé

Debby Ryan and Josh Dun made their engagement Instagram official yesterday, with a post announcing that the drummer had proposed.

The Insatiable actress and the Twenty One Pilots percussionist have been off again and on again since they first started dating in 2013. They got back together earlier this year and Dun proposed during a trip to New Zealand.

Ryan has been well-known since her Disney days, when she started in Jessie and movies like 16 Wishes. Dun is often behind the drums onstage, while bandmate Tyler Joseph fronts the shows.

Who is Josh Dun? Read on to learn more.

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1. Midwestern guy

Dun hails from Columbus, OH where he grew up with his parents and three siblings. He was always into music but it took him a while to find his niche. He started on trumpet but it wasn’t until he tried drums that he knew he’d found the right instrument.


A post shared by jøsh dun (@joshuadun) on Aug 4, 2018 at 4:57pm PDT

2. Troubled

Dun says he adolescence was a tough time. He was often in trouble in school. He said "I just had this aggression. They almost sent me to military school. They didn't know what to do with me, and I was always in detention. I never got into drugs or alcohol, but I would yell at my parents and just treat them terribly. Everything was an argument.”

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3. Punk Rock

He loved punk music but his parents tried to steer him away from it. He would got to records stores and ask for recommendation then one home and hide the albums. “I'd hide albums like Green Day's Dookie underneath my bed. Sometimes they'd find them and get real mad. They'd find a Christian alternative, like Relient K, and make me listen to that.”

4. Fateful meeting

Instead of college, Dun worked at Guitar Center in his hometown. It was there that he Chris Salih, the first drummer for Twenty One Pilots. Salih instroduced Dun to Joseph and eventually they started playing together.

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A post shared by jøsh dun (@joshuadun) on Oct 13, 2016 at 12:48pm PDT

5. Dun and Ryan

Dun started dating Ryan back in 2013 and their cute couple posts were big hits on social media. The pair quietly split up in 2014 but didn’t share any details about their breakup. They got back together sometime before the summer of 2018 and confirmed their relationship in August.

6. Proposal

This week, Dun popped the question during trip to New Zealand. Ryan posted to Instagram saying, “I said yes! Well technically I said ‘NO WAY’ twice but I meant yes.”

7. Wedding date

No word yet on a wedding date. For now the couple are enjoying the rest of their trip with Ryan’s brother and his wife, whom Dun flew in as a surprise.

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