Why People Just Like You, Per Astrology

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Why People Like You On First Sight, Per Astrology

Have you ever liked someone on first sight? You may find that there is something uniquely special about you that causes you to make friends easily and to influence people in situations where others find it difficult to thrive.

If you're a person who struggles to make friends or finds it hard to get people to like you, looking to your zodiac sign, rising sign and astrology can help you improve your interpersonal relationships. 

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Astrology has been around for thousands of years, revealing mysterious facts about ourselves. Some swear by it, others call it superstition. Regardless of how you view, there is something about its precise descriptions that makes it seem very interesting. I am not talking about just our Sun signs, which can be useful in understanding our basic personalities, but do not fully tell us about our lives.

In fact, there are many more things to astrology other than our horoscope signs. For instance, we all have a Moon sign, which, many astrologers argue, are more accurate than Sun signs in discerning our inner selves.

Similarly, our Rising signs can tell us how we appear to people, why they like us, and what we seem to be to the outside world. It is often described as the mask we wear when meeting others because it can reveal our instinctual responses to our environment.

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For instance, a Leo rising would quickly try to make friends and gather admirers in an unfamiliar setting such as a party. Whereas, a Cancer rising would stick to his or her close friends and would need some time before warming up to others.

Understanding your Rising sign, therefore, can allow you to gain greater insight about your personality and how you are viewed. If you know your birth time, it will be very easy for you to find out your Rising sign. But we are not going to calculate your Rising sign in this article.

Instead, we are going to walk you through each of the 12 rising zodiac signs to find out how you are viewed. So, to find out people’s first impression of you, based on your astrology.

Aries Rising Sign

People love how you come off as a very confident and assertive personality. You are not afraid to take charge, or at least that’s how people view you anyway!

Sometimes though, you can also seem overly aggressive and pushy. So be mindful of that. Otherwise, most people will quickly find out that you are bold and courageous and may even recognize you as a leader, which is quite likable.


Taurus Rising Sign

When people first meet you, they instantly think that you are a down-to-earth and pragmatic person, and it makes them feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Taurus is one of the most grounded signs, which gives you that vibe.

You can also seem cautious and careful to people and not particularly spontaneous. After all, security is much more important to the bull. Other than that, you have a serene and calm personality that can soothe others.

Gemini Rising Sign

You can talk a lot! So you come off as a specially gregarious individual with a lot of obscure and interesting knowledge. You also seem very social and extroverted. So naturally you attract a lot of people.

Gemini is the most curious sign, so having your Rising sign here can make you ask a lot of questions, which people will notice at once. In general, you seem to have excellent communications skills that help you meet new people very easily.

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Cancer Rising Sign

Cancer is a water sign, making you seem emotional and nurturing. You can also take a long time before warming up to someone. This can make you appear shy when you first meet people.

Some might even go as far as to call you moody. But many would find you very caring and sweet, especially if they need a shoulder to cry on. Yes, you are one of those Rising signs who are often sought by people with emotional wounds. Even during a first meeting, you are the type to take someone under your wings, if they seem like they need protection.


Leo Rising Sign

You seem charismatic and warm when people first meet you! You can also appear bossy and attention-seeking, depending on whom you ask. Some people just don’t know how to take your confident nature!

But almost all you meet realize that you are not someone to be pushed around. You seem pretty fixed in your ways under that warm and sunny exterior. People also notice that you take pride in your appearance and how you present yourself to the world.


Virgo Rising Sign

You have a very reserved and intelligent demeanor when you first meet people. They definitely find you grounded but serious. Some might even think you are too aloof when you are just taking everything in from your environment.

If your first meeting with someone takes place at a restaurant, they will notice how particular you are about your food and your movements. Basically, there is a sense of calculation in your movements. You never seem to overdo anything, and that's why you come across as trustworthy, which makes it easy to love you..

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Libra Rising Sign

You seem very charming and social. Even if you are an introvert, people will notice how you seem to know just the right thing to say and do when they first meet you.

You also tend to have a nice girl or guy image because you are very diplomatic and try not to push your opinions on people.

In general, you seem to have a pleasant personality and many gravitate towards you for this reason.

Scorpio Rising Sign

You seem very intense even on first meetings! You just exude passion and quiet confidence. Some might find this intimidating while most find it alluring.

Your secretive nature makes you appear mysterious, which naturally attracts a lot of attention. So sometimes you will find that many had already heard about you through the grapevine long before even meeting you.

The intensity in your personality often makes people react strongly to you. In short, they either love you or hate you. They are hardly ever indifferent to you.


Sagittarius Rising Sign

You have a friendly, sunny personality, which grabs everyone’s attention when they first meet you. It’s easier for you to make friends. But it’s also very easy for you to offend people even on your first meeting!

You see, you are very opinionated about a lot of things in this world. And you are not one to keep your mouth shut! So many might feel intimidated because of that. But most would see you as a breath of fresh air since hardly anyone else is THAT honest even with acquaintances.

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Capricorn Rising Sign

You seem very cool and collected, even aloof. You are a man or woman of few words and some might find this attractive about you while others might think you are snobby!

In general, though, people think that you are very mature and independent.

You also give off the vibe of quiet competence and businesslike. In short, you probably rock job interviews!


Aquarius Rising Sign

You seem very detached and independent. Some might even find you eccentric since you don’t seem to shy away from standing out or being unique.

You have a more intellectual rather than emotional aura. To some though you seem to have an inflexible demeanor when it comes to your beliefs, which you hold very close to your heart.

In general, you come off as some very progressive in your thoughts and active.


Pisces Rising Sign

You have a dreamy, spacy personality. You seem like an introvert, who also happens to be from another land or universe! You are naturally quiet but no two people would have the same first impression of you. That’s the issue with your Rising sign: It’s difficult to pin down. But most would agree that you appear really sweet maybe even innocent when they first meet you.

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